Preseason-Top 150 List: Florida

Preseason-Top 150 List: Florida

Akeem Dent-One of the premier defensive backs nation wide!

Each season we put out a pre-season top 100-150 list. The list throughout the year will change based on how certain players perform. There are over 350 prospects who sign D1 letter of intents every year. There will be another 50-100 prospects who have to go to Junior College which have D1 talent. There are some players who are not listed in the top 150 who will have breakout senior seasons who end up on the list in December. We will continue to evaluate these prospects through out the season.

1-Evan Neal-IMG Academy-OT-6’7-380: First time we saw Neal is when he was at Okeechobee High School his freshman season playing soccer. Neal is one of the most athletic big guys you will see at the high school level. He has great feet and can move very well laterally. Once he gets his hands on a defender, Neal will stop them in their tracks. He is not only one of the best lineman in Florida but also the entire nation.

2- Dontae Lucas-IMG Academy-OG-6’3-330: (Committed to FSU): Lucas plays the game of football with that mean streak you want to see from an offensive lineman. He is a big, nasty, physical offensive lineman. Lucas will come off the ball very well and get into a defensive lineman chest. Once he gets his hands on you, Lucas will try and drive his guy into the ground. He is very good as a run blocker.

3- Khris Bogle-Cardinal Gibbons-DE-6’3-215: Bogle has one of the fastest first steps you will see from a defensive end. Here is a kid who is versatile enough to play defensive end or outside linebacker in college. You put him on the edge and let his rush the passer. He is athletic enough to drop into coverage and make plays in the passing game.

4- Nolan Smith-IMG Academy-DE-6’3-230: (Committed to Georgia): Smith comes from the state of Georgia. He was not only one of the top defensive ends in that state but he crosses the border and becomes Florida’s premier end. He is a very good pass rusher off the edge and there are not many better against the run. He is a complete player and we expect him to make an impact as a freshman.

5- Tyrique Stevenson-Southridge-DB-6’1-190: Stevenson plays the game with a physical nature that is not matched by many of his peers. He seeks out ball carriers hoping to destroy them. He is one of the more physical defensive backs in Florida. He also has very good ball skills. If you are a quarterback who is late throwing the ball, Stevenson will make you pay.

6- Akeem Dent-Palm Beach Central-CB-5’11-175: (Committed to FSU): We saw him play multiple times live and there may not be a defensive back who has better football instincts then Dent. He knows where the ball is going before the snap of the ball. Dent has a knack for intercepting the football. If you are worried about him playing the run, don’t be. Dent will come up and take a ball carrier out.

7- Trey Sanders-IMG Academy-RB-6’1-190: Sanders started on Varsity as an 8th grader. He led his team to the state title game. Since then, Sanders has developed into one of the premier backs in the nation. He has the size and speed that college coaches covet.

8-Lloyd Summerall-Auburndale-DE-6’6-215: Summerall reminds us of Jason Taylor. He has great height (6’6) and is very explosive off the ball. His length will allow you to line him up out wide and really use his athletic ability to his advantage. You watch him get up the field and be able to transition and there are not many defensive ends that can do as well. He is going to be an elite pass rusher if Lloyd can continue to develop physically.

9-Frank Ladson-South Dade-WR-6’4-190: (Committed to Clemson): Ladson is the premier receiver in a year that is not very impressive in Florida. Frank has the size (6’4) and he runs like a gazelle. Frank looks like his gliding on the football field.

10- Charles Turner-IMG Academy-C-6’5-255: (Committed to LSU): Turner has great technique. This may be one of the better coached prospects we have seen come out of high school. He is super athletic and Turner can bend. He has great lateral quickness. He also plays with a mean streak. He will mentally wear an opponent down. His hand suddenness is quite impressive. He will shock a defender with his hands

11- Travis Jay-Madison County-CB-6’1-175: (Committed to FSU): While Stevenson and Dent get all the pub for cornerbacks in this year class it is Jay that may end up the best. He is a very good athlete. Here is a kid that can flat out jump out of a gym. He also has good closing speed. If a quarterback is late, Jay may house it the other way.

12- Derrick Hunter-Ft. Myers Dunbar-DE/DT-6’4-270: (Committed to FSU): Hunter is a prospect that is versatile enough to line up inside or out. He is a big, long, athletic lineman. He is also physical enough to hold up at the point of attack. Good luck trying to run on him. Hunter has a good base and is very difficult to move off the ball.

13- John Dunmore-Chaminade-WR-6’1-180: (Committed to Penn State): Dunmore is the type of receiver that is not going to blow you away physically. He is also not going to blow you away with his speed. Whether you watch him in person or a game, Dunmore usually gets the best of the defensive back he is going against. He has some suddenness which allows him to get open. He runs solid routes and has pretty good hands.

14-Jaquaze Sorrells-Largo-DL-6’3-290: Sorrells physically looks the part. He can play defensive end in a 3-4 scheme or move inside to tackle in a 4-3. He reminds us of Broderick Bunkley who played college ball before ending up in the NFL. He is stout against the run and if you need a pass rush from the interior, Jacquaze can give it to you. He has gotten overlooked but compared to some of the other defensive lineman in Florida but we expect that to change

15- Noah Cain-IMG Academy-RB-5’11-210: Cain is a very good back. He is more of a N/S type back. You pound him between the tackles and Cain will try and wear a defense down. He is not as explosive as Sanders. What he gives you is a back that can carry it 20 times a game and break off a long run in the 2nd half once the defense is tired.

16-Tyler Davis-Wekiva-DT-6’1-290: Davis is a defensive tackle that will bring his lunch pail to work. He is a kid who comes hard on every down. You take a play off and Davis will make you pay. He is good against the run because of his ability to shoot the gaps. As a pass rusher his quickness off the ball allows him to get into the backfield.

17- Jaleel McRae-IMG Academy-OLB-6’2-230: (Committed to FSU): When healthy McRae is the best linebacker in Florida. He has very good instincts and will punish the ball carrier when they meet up. He has had a couple of serious injuries so there is always going to be question marks around his ability.

18- Jeremiah Payton-Fletcher-WR-6’1-190: (Committed to Miami): There are three so called ELITE receivers in Florida this year. Ladson, Dunmore and Payton. Each brings a different style of play into the equation. Payton is a little more physical than Ladson but lacks his speed and quickness. He is a guy that can help not only in the passing game but have a keep block that sets his back free. He is one of the more complete players at his position this year.

19- Rian Davis-Wekiva-DE/OLB-6’3-225: (Committed to University of Georgia)Davis moved to Florida this spring. He is a prospect that you meet in person and realize he has unreal potential. His versatility will allow him to line up at multiple positions in college. He has a good motor and his size and length allow him to make players others can’t.

20-Quason Fuller-Lehigh Sr. High-DE/DT-6’3-270: (Committed to FSU): Fuller is one of those players that if he gives you everything he has will end up a good football player in college. He is not a great athlete off the edge. What he gives you is some size up front which makes it difficult to run to his size. He needs to get a little quicker off the edge to improve as a pass rusher.

21-Nayquan Wright-Carol City-RB-5’9-180: There are very few game breakers in the 2019 class. One of them is Wright. When healthy there may not be a better back in Florida. He has the ability to make one cut and be off to the races. His ability to make defenders miss in the open field is what sets him apart from the other running backs. He is also a threat out of the backfield as a receiver.

22-Jahfari Harvey-Vero Beach-OLB-6’3-220: (Committed to Miami): Harvey is a prospect we first saw last summer. He was very impressive coming off the ball and putting pressure on the quarterback. He has good size and length for a linebacker. The question regarding Harvey will be his ability to drop into coverage. If he can do that you may be looking at a future AA.

23-Kenny McIntosh-University School-RB-6’1-180: McIntosh is a prospect that you sign and worry about where to place him once in college. While a very good running back, Kenny reminds us of another player who came out of Broward County, John Beason. Like Beason, McIntosh plays the game with a defensive mentality. He can be a very good running back in college or a great linebacker.

24-Will Putnam-Tampa Plant-OG: 6’4-280: Putnam comes from the Mid-West. He is a tough, hard nose football player. He is not the biggest guy but trying to out physical him is not going to happen very often. He is one of those lineman you recruit because of his ability to play multiple positions in college. He can line up at tackle, guard or center and excel.

25-Mark Richards-Wellington-Athlete-6’2-190: Richards is one of the better all-around athletes in this year’s class. He has good size and speed. He can line up at running back, safety or possibly even linebacker. He displays very good hands when you ask him to go out in a route and catch the ball. He is one of the better all-around athletes in the state of Florida this year.

26-Kaiir Elam-The Benjamin School-DB-6’2-190: There are 3-4 ELITE type defensive backs in this year’s class. Elam is trying to get into the top group that has Stevenson, Jay and Dent. He gives you a little more size and length compared to the other defensive backs ahead of him on this list. He is a very good athlete who can match up against most receivers Elam goes against.

27-Brendan Gant-Kathleen-DB-6’1-190:(Committed to FSU) Gant is one of the top defensive backs in Florida. He has good size, length and athletic ability. He has the ability to come up and play the run. He is also effective in pass coverage. He is one of the more complete players at his position.

28- Deyavie Hammond-IMG Academy-6’3-350: Hammond is a straight road grader. He comes off the ball and will run his guy off the ball. He is physical at the point of attack. He can move laterally but Hammond is best suited at moving straight ahead. Some quickness from a defensive lineman could give him some problems. His strength will end up as a run blocker.

29-Raymond Woodie III-Florida High-DB-6’1-190: Woodie is a kid who was a quarterback. He is now the quarterback on defense. He comes from a football family and knows the game very well. He has good ball skills. He is also physical enough to come up and play the run. Some feel that Raymond may end up at linebacker.

30-Maurice Goolsby-Dunnellon-WR/TE-6’5-200: (Committed to FSU): Goolsby has been on the radar since his freshman season. He has exceptional hands and does a great job of high pointing the football. He is a big guy who is going to have success in the red-zone. He plays receiver but it would not surprise us to see him move to tight end in college.

31-Michael Tarquin-Belleview-OT-6’5-290: (Committed to Miami): Michael is a big, tough, physical kid. He is also a hard worker. He is the type that will live in both the weight room and film room. He is a student of the game and will do what it takes to improve. He is a solid pass protector. He can move laterally and stay with quicker defensive end. He is a good run blocker but can still improve in this area of his game.

32-Keon Zipperer-Lakeland-TE-6’2-240: Zipperer is considered the top tight end in Florida by most scouts. He is a very good football player. What he lacks is great measurable. He is not the biggest of fastest at his position. He does have good hands and is reliable in key situations. He can help move the chains and should be productive in the red-zone. He lacks great top end speed for a tight end.

33-Jordan Battle-Saint Thomas Aquinas-S-6’2-190: (Committed to Ohio State): Battle is one of the more underrated players on his Saint Thomas football team. Battle gives you size and length in the secondary. His range will allow him to be a ball hawk at the next level. He can be an elite cover defensive back at the next level.

34-Renardo Green-Wekiva-CB-5’10-180: (Committed to FSU): There are 3-4 cornerbacks that get mentioned first from Florida this year. Green may end up one of the very best. He is a very competitive player. He wants to go against the best receivers on every play. He will win some battles and lose others and you won’t see Green lose his confidence.

35- Cameron Williams-Chaminade-DE/OLB-6’5-220: (Committed to Miami): Cameron is one of those versatile defensive end/outside linebackers that you can line up all over the field. He has good size and length. He allows you to rush the passer. He gives you the ability to help stop the run. He is also athletic enough to drop into coverage.

36- Brian Maurer-West Port-QB-6’4-190: (Committed to Tennessee): We first saw Maurer two years ago at a summer camp. After promoting him for the past two years, Maurer finally got his chance this off-season to showcase his talents. He has the size and arm strength you look for in a D1 quarterback. He is now one of the fastest rising quarterbacks in the nation.

37-Cortez Andrews-Tallahassee Godby-DB-6’2-200: Andrews has been on the recruiting scene for over three years. We first saw him at the FSU Camp three years ago. At that time we thought Andrews was a senior. He has good size. He is an in the box type safety. Some may project him as a linebacker.

38- Adrian Medley-Pensacola-OG-6’4-300: (Committed to Texas A&M): Medley plays some tackle but probably projects better at guard. He is a little stiff in his lower body but it should not hurt him against most defensive lineman. He could have some issues with some guys who have a speed and quickness edge against him. He seems like a prospect that takes well to coaching. He should continue to get better over the next couple of seasons.

39- Ge’Mon Eaford-Deerfield Beach-OLB: 6’1-220: Eaford is one of those old school linebackers. He only knows one way, fast forward. He is a backer that gives you some physicality from his position. Eaford will come up and smack a ball carrier right in the mouth. We also feel that Eaford will be very good at blitzing the quarterback.

40- Michael Morris-American Heritage Delray-DE/OT-6’5-250: (Committed to FSU): Morris is a prospect that made an impact as a freshman at Cardinal Newman. It was that play on the field and his upside that landed him D1 offers. Morris is a good prospect as a defensive end. Put him at offensive tackle and we feel he can become a 2-3 starter and get drafted into the NFL.

41-Jamarkis Weston-Clewiston-Ath.-6’4-190: (Committed to UF): Weston is one of the better athletes in South Florida. He gives you great size (6’4), very good length and Weston can run. He is also versatile enough to play on either side of the football and make an impact.

42- Jaden Davis-Saint Thomas Aquinas-CB-5’10-175: Davis is one of the more technically sound defensive backs in this year’s class. He comes from a football family and it shows by the way he handles himself on the field. He has good coverage skills.

43- Keontra Smith-Chaminade-DB-5’11-190: (Committed to Miami): Smith is very aggressive on the football field. He will attack the ball in the air. He is also very physical and does not mind trying to knock a receiver out. He does a very good job of timing his hits. He closes very well. His short area burst sets him apart from other defensive backs.

44-Kingsley Eguakun-Atlantic Coast-OG-6’3-290: (Committed to Miami): When it comes to big guys you want to see how athletic they are. You also want to see how well they bend. He is a big guy who has both traits. He can get low and fire off the ball and put his man on the ground. He does a good job of keeping his feet moving and driving his guy off the ball. He is a big, athletic lineman and can run and pass block well.

45-Nikolas Ognenovic-Cardinal Gibbons-6’6-230: (Committed to Kentucky): If there is a prospect who has improved more over the past season I would like to see him. Ognenovic has great size. He also moves pretty well for someone his size. He has good hands. He also runs solid routes. He is going to have to become a more complete player and that will come once Nikolas improves as a blocker.

46-Hunter Rayburn-Pensacola-OG-6’4-320: (Committed to Clemson): Rayburn is part of an offensive line that may be one of the best in the Panhandle. He is an old school rough and physical type lineman. He is not the most athletic lineman and that is why we see him more as a guard than a tackle in college. What he will do is stay on his guy and keep driving them off the ball.

47-Avery Huff-Saint Thomas-ILB-6’3-200: (Committed to Miami): Huff has the potential to be one of the premier linebackers in this year’s class. Over the past couple of seasons Huff just relied on his athletic ability to make plays. He has the physical traits to play any of the three linebacker spots at the next level. He is very gifted athletically but still needs to put it all together on the football field.

48-Marcus Crowley-Trinity Christian-RB-6’1-200: (Committed to Miami): Crowley is another prospect that plays running back but it would not surprise us to see him play safety or linebacker in college. He is built very well. He has a style of play that is very physical. He plays running back like a defensive prospect.

49- Tye Edwards-Menendez-RB/LB-6’3-215: Edwards is another two way standout. He would like to play running back in college but we project him more as a linebacker. With more and more teams playing spread offenses it is athletic linebackers like Edwards that we need. He is a big, long, athletic kid who can play every down on the defensive side of the football.

50-Tecory Couch-Chaminade-6’0-160: (Committed to Miami): Couch has some nice length at cornerback. He needs to fill out his frame as Couch is skinny. He needs to add about 20 pounds. He does a good job with his technique. It is part of the reason why he does so well against bigger receivers. He has good feet and puts himself into position to make plays on the ball.

51- George Johnson-Martin County-6’0-170: (Committed to Michigan): Turn on Johnson film and you will come away impressed. He is one of the better athletes in the state of Florida this year. He can play quarterback, running back, receiver or defensive back. Put him on special teams and Johnson will make an impact.

52- Cesar Mellusi-Naples Sr. High-RB-6’1-200: (Committed to Clemson): The last time Naples had a back this good his name was Carlos Hyde. All he did was go onto a very good college career at Ohio State and then to the NFL. Mellusi gives you the same type of back. He is a big and fast. He also plays in an offense that Mellusi will put up monster numbers.

53-Denzel Daxon-Doral Academy-DT-6’1-315: (Committed to Miami): Daxon is another player who committed early in the process and many stopped talking about him. He moves very well for a big guy. He shows good initial burst off the ball. He needs to learn to use his hands better to get off blocks. He is very physical but we would like to see some more consistency in his game.

54-Maurice Smith-Miami Central-OG/C-6’2-290: (Committed to Boston College):If Smith was just a couple inches taller he may have been the top rated Center in the country. He has very good technique and this kid gets after it on the football field. He fires off the ball and drives his guy backwards on every play. He will not stop till the whistle is blown.

55-Renato Brown-Palm Beach Central-OT/OG: Brown plays the offensive line with a defensive mentality. Part of the reason why is because Brown has played defense. Wilson is a guy who is going to drive you off the ball. While he can move, Brown is not a lineman that is going to get to the 2nd level and get onto a linebacker or defensive back. His strength is run blocking. As a pass blocker, Brown could have some issues with defensive lineman who are quicker then him.

56-Wadrick Wilson-Doral Academy-OT-6’5-300: (Committed to Florida): Wilson has flown under the radar with his recruitment. He committed to University of Florida early in the process and he seems like the forgotten man at offensive tackle. You can teach size and athletic ability and Wilson has both.

57-Justin Osborne-IMG Academy-OT-6’4-275: (Committed to Auburn): While guys like Evan Neal and Dontae Lucas use their power to move guys off the ball, Osborne is more of a finesse guy. He is built to do well in a zone blocking scheme. He is a big kid but with more athletic ability then his teammates. He moves well laterally and can get out to the 2nd level. If you need a guy who can be used as a pulling lineman Justin is you guy.

58-Braylen Ingraham-Saint Thomas-DE/DT-6’4-260: Here is a prospect that has started or played since his freshman season. Braylen is a physically impressive looking kid. Once in a college weight program, he will easily get into the 300 pound range. He is stout against the run. He also has enough quickness to give you a pass rush if moved inside on passing downs.

59-Eric Gregory-IMG Academy-DE-6’4-240: (Committed to Memphis): Gregory is another big, long, athletic defensive lineman at IMG. He is going to go against the very best offensive lineman every day so improving his game should not be hard. He has the ability to get off the ball quickly and into the backfield. He can finish and that is something you want to see from defensive lineman. He is not one of those guys who is late to the quarterback. He should be a very productive pass rusher in college.

60-Larry Hodges-Tampa Jesuit-TE-6’2-230: (Committed to Miami): Hodges and Zipperer are almost identical type tight ends. Larry is another undersized player who may be used more as an H-BACK then a traditional tight end. He can move around the field and line up in the slot or in the backfield. Can he be a functional blocking tight end? That is a question that needs to be answered.

61-Glover Cook-Vanguard-RB-6’0-175: (Committed to Missouri) in a couple of years from now we may look back at this class of backs in Florida and wonder why Cook was not rated higher. He has the two things you want in a running back and that is size and speed. He has some natural instincts for the game. He can run between the tackles or bounce it to the outside. Cook will also be very productive in the passing game.

62-Shamar Nash-IMG Academy-WR-6’1-190: (Committed to Arkansas): Nash is a guy who lines up on the outside and can cause problems. He has both the size and speed to be an effective receiver in college. He needs to learn to attack the ball in the air. He allows the ball to come down to him.

63-Keenan Hester-St. Pete-6’5-280-DT: Keenan has the size and length to be a very good defensive end in a 3-4 or he can move inside and play tackle. He is going to play at or around 300 pounds in college. He does a good job of getting off the ball and making plays behind the line of scrimmage. Once he gets his hands on a ball carrier they are going down. He could also end up on the offensive line in college.

64- Knowledge McDaniel-Braden River-RB-5’10-210: Physically there are not many better looking prospects then McDaniel. He has the size, speed and power to be a very good back at the next level. Not only is he effective running the ball there may not be many better at catching the football out of the backfield. He is a complete back.

65- Mark Fox-Miami Northwestern-6’4-270-OT: (Committed to South Carolina): Fox is a tall, lanky offensive lineman. He is a kid that gives you some athletic ability on the outside. He is versatile enough to play either tackle spot. He is a good pass blocker. As he develops his lower body and becomes more powerful driving guys off the ball his run blocking will improve.

66- Darius Washington-West Florida Tech-OT-6’4-290: (Committed to Mississippi State): Washington has the size and length you want in an offensive tackle. He is also a pretty good athlete. You will see him 20-30 yards down the field blocking a guy. He is very raw as a prospect. He has a tendency to bend or lean over when trying to block a defensive lineman. His technique will need to be fixed.

67-Daniel Carter-Saint Thomas-RB-5’11-200: Carter is going to end up a bigger back in college. We expect him to put on another 20 pounds and be around 220-225 pounds at the next level. He is a power back. He runs with power and if you try and come up and arm tackle him, Carter will run through you. He does have a tendency to try and break all his runs to the outside.

68-Logan Compton-IMG Academy-TE-6’4-220: Compton looks like a tight end. He gives you some size at the tight end positon. Not only is he an effective pass catching tight end. We feel that Logan will be productive blocking as well.

69- Joshua Sanguinetti-University School-6’2-165: Joshua is one of the better two way athletes on the board. He can play receiver or defensive back and have a very productive college career. His size and length is what intrigues college coaches the most. When you have size and speed there will be plenty of colleges who will recruit you as a defensive back.

70- Brandon Dorlus-Deerfield Beach-DE/DT-6’4-255: Dorlus dominated his spring game. He had around 5-6 sacks and lived in Glades Central backfield. He has the size and length to play on the outside. Move him inside and you can take advantage of his speed and quickness. He is going to be one of the county leaders in sacks this season. He is also effective against the run.

71-Damarius Good-Lake Brantley-Athlete-6’0-190: (Committed to Miami): When you have a prospect who is your best athlete move him around. That is exactly what Lake Brantley does. They play him at running back, slot back, and quarterback. He can also play receiver and defensive back. You watch the way he puts his foot in the ground and goes and you see his potential as a defensive back.

72-Mikel Jones-IMG Academy-LB-6’2-210: Jones is one linebacker that you turn on his film and see that he can run. He is one of the more athletic backers in this year’s class. He has the ability to make plays sideline to sideline. He is versatile enough to play all three linebacker spots in college.

73- D’Sean Perry-Gulliver Prep-DE-6’3-225: Perry was a prospect we first saw as a freshman. He took some time to develop physically. Up until last year at this time he was close to 200 pounds. He put on 20-25 pounds and it has made a big difference. He is a natural defensive end now. He is also athletic enough to play linebacker in some schemes.

74- Ethan White-Superior Collegiate Academy-6’5-315: (Committed to Florida): White has some nastiness in his game. He is a guy that comes off the ball and will drive his guy backwards. He plays with a bit of a mean streak. He gets low in stance. He is not a big, stiff lineman. He dominates guys White goes against. His strength is run blocking.

75-Briton Allen-IMG Academy-DB-5’11-190: Allen shows some physicality as a defensive back. He is very aggressive. He also has very good ball skills. Here is a player that likes contact. There are some guys who run fast but won’t hit anyone. That is not a problem for Allen. He is physical enough to come up and play the run. He is athletic enough to drop into coverage. He is a very good football player.

76- Ahmarean Brown-Tampa Jefferson-SLOT-5’10-165: (Committed to Maryland): One thing Brown can do is run. He will make the team he goes to in college faster the day he steps on campus. Brown is a one step and go type receiver.

77- Johnny Dixon-Chamberlain-CB-5’11-170: Dixon is a kid who has been highly ranked by most of the services. He is a good athlete and can make an impact early on special teams. He has good speed. You would like to see him be a little more physical on defense. He has good ball skills and has a knack for making plays. He will try and punish a receiver but at times will take himself out of a play.

78- Brandon Hill-Wekiva-DB-5’11-190: (Committed to Pittsburgh): Hill is the ideal spread defender. He will get big enough 215-220 to play some linebacker in college. He has good enough coverage skills to play safety. His versatility allows him to move Hill all over the field. He is a tough kid who will not only come up and play the run but is aggressive in the passing game.

79- Anthony Solomon-Saint Thomas-6’2-200: (Committed to Miami): Solomon is a kid that can run. He has the ability to make plays from sideline to sideline. He relies on his speed and quickness to make plays. Because of his speed and athletic ability you can move Anthony around to make plays. He is one of the better athletes who plays linebacker in South Florida.

80- Jarvis Brownlee-Carol City-CB-6’0-170: (Committed to Miami): Brownlee is the reason why spring football is so important. He was a relative unknown until he performed well this spring. He is your typical Carol City kid, tough and confident. He believes in his ability. You won’t need to ask him to cover the other team’s top receiver, Brownlee will just do it. As he develops physically, Brownlee will become a better player.

81- Hayden Wolff-Venice Sr. High-QB-6’4-190: (Committed to Old Dominion): Wolff may go down as one of the most underrated quarterbacks not only in Florida but the entire nation. He has a good arm and can make pretty much every throw. He is also accurate when given time to throw. He is more of a pocket passer then a dual threat quarterback

82- Semar Melvin-Saint Thomas-CB-5’11-170: (Committed to Wisconsin): Melvin is a defensive back that is going to try and win the battle at the line of scrimmage. He likes to get physical with a receiver at the line. He is a guy who can tackle well in the open field. He does a very good job of redirecting the receiver. He can play man or off coverage and have success. He will do a good job of watching the quarterbacks eyes and see where they are going with the ball.

83- Isaiah Washington-Trinity Christian-WR-6’3-175: Washington gives you size at the receiver position. He has a bit of a long stride so it does not always look like he is running fast. Washington does do a good job of adjusting to the football in the air. Once he gets his hands on the ball, Washington is coming down with it.

84- Terence Doston-Hillsborough-Athlete: 5’11-175: Dotson is a two way standout for Hillsborough High. You watch him attack the football on offense and you will be impressed. He is a good route runner. He does a very good job of getting in and out of his breaks. He has the speed and quickness to get by defenders and create the big play.

85-Cameron Coleman-IMG Academy-WR-5’10-180: Coleman is not real tall but he has got some decent size. He is not a small guy from a physical standpoint. He will fight for the ball in the air. He has pretty good speed and quickness. Get him in the open field and Coleman can do some damage.

86- Kalani Norris-Columbus-WR-6’0-165: Norris a play maker. When Columbus needs a big play they turn to Norris. He can make something happen out of nothing. He has good speed, quickness and Norris will make the first defender miss. He is also a threat to return punts and kicks if given the opportunity.

87- Jahmar Brown-Saint Thomas Aquinas-LB-6’0-200: (Committed to South Carolina): Brown is one of the three starting linebackers for Saint Thomas that is going P5. He is a true MIKE. He can play on the outside but move him inside and let him rack up tackles. He is an ideal 4-3 ILB. You put him behind two effective DT’s and Brown will lead his team in tackles. He has good instincts. He also can drop into coverage and be effective in the passing game.

88- Josh Delgado-IMG Academy-WR-5’11-175: Delgado lines up on the outside but he is an ideal slot. He can catch bubble screens and go the distance. He is effective going down the middle of the field to catch the ball. He does a good job of planting his foot in the ground and getting separation. You would like for him to have a little more top end speed.

89- Vincent Murphy-Saint Thomas-C-6’3-280: (Committed to South Carolina): Murphy has played multiple positions on the football field. He can play tackle, guard or center at the next level. This is a kid that is smart and can pick your blocking schemes right away. He is a guy who is going to be limited physically but will give you everything Murphy has on the football field.

90-Demetrius Dorceius-Fort Lauderdale-6’3-235: One player whose stock went up this spring was Dorceius. He performed very well at a camp this off-season. He is a big kid who can get up the field and put pressure on the quarterback. He also has the size and length to help support against the run. He just needs to play with more consistency.

91-David Baldwin-IMG Academy-QB-6’3-220: Baldwin has a big time arm. He is also built like a defensive end. Here is a kid who is very gifted physically. The question is can he put it all together on the football field. He needs to learn to control his arm. Every pass comes out of his hands at a 100 mph.

92- Dionte Marks-Deland-WR-5’11-180: (Committed to Florida): Marks was a prospect that committed early and has not looked back. When you are one of those prospects you are usually overlooked. Marks is the type of player you put on special teams. He will make an impact day one for you. He has a quick first step. He has the ability to score from anywhere on the field.

93-Nik Scalzo-Cardinal Gibbons-QB-5’11-180: (Committed to Kentucky): Scalzo is an ideal spread quarterback. You get him in the guy and find him space to throw the football. When he gets going, Nik will get on a roll. When he has time to throw, Scalzo will put the ball on the mark. It is when you start to get pressure on him, Scalzo is not as effective.

94- Breion Fuller-Doral Academy-WR-6’1-170: Fuller was a player who as a freshman looked like another Amari Cooper. He has a smooth running style. The game looks to come easy to him. He is not a guy that is going to run a 4.3 but Fuller has more than enough speed and quickness to get behind a secondary. He has good hands and runs solid routes.

95-Tarian Lee-Tallahassee Godby-OLB-6’1-220: (Committed to Texas A&M): Lee is versatile enough to play all three linebacker spots. He may even be able to line up off the edge and rush the passer. He is a guy who can put pressure on the quarterback. Most linebackers try and run around blocks, he will run down-hill. He is very physical and when Lee hits a ball carrier they go backwards.

96-Tiawan Mullen-Coconut Creek-CB-5’10-175: Mullen is the brother of Trayvon who signed with Clemson. While Tiawan does not have the same size and speed as his older brother, he is still a very good defensive back. Mullen is an aggressive defensive back that will make you pay if you’re late throwing the ball his way.

97-Chris Akporoghene-IMG Academy-OT-6’5-275: (Committed to Tennessee): One thing is for certain there is not a better offensive line in the country they IMG. When guys like Akporoghene barely get mentioned on their team, then you know they are loaded up front. He has good size for a tackle. He is not 6’6 but Chris can play on the outside in college. He is a good athlete that can handle the speed rushers on the outside.

98- Cornelius Nunn-Miami Palmetto-CB-6’0-170: (Committed to Miami): Nunn is part of a secondary that may be one of the best in Florida this year. Nunn is another defensive back with good size and speed. His length can help him against bigger receivers. He performed so well this spring that some of the premier programs in the country offered him. If Nunn continues to perform well this season he could end up a top 50 prospect in Florida.

99- Jesiah Pierre-Mount Doral Bible-ILB-6’2-220: (Committed to Florida): Pierre plays at a small program in Central Florida so he gets overlooked at times. He plays OLB but we project him more as an interior linebacker. Pierre does need to learn to get a little more aggressive at the snap of the ball. He sometimes waits a second before reacting. He shows his athletic ability on offense as Pierre will have some nice long runs.

100-Jayden Curry-IMG Academy-CB-5’11-190: Curry is another in a long line of athletes who plays on both sides of the football in high school. As a defensive back he does a good job of getting into position and knocking passes down. If you are late throwing his way, Curry will pick the pass off. He has good coverage skills. You would like for him to have a little more top end speed. He is going to give up some big plays because Curry is aggressive.

101- Kenny Logan-Menendez-Athlete-6’1-185: Logan had over 1200 yards on offense and six interceptions on defense. He is one of those prospects you recruit and worry about where to play them once on campus. He is a pretty darn good offensive player but is on defense where we see his upside.

102- Jaquan Sheppard-Zephyrhills-WR-6’2-175: Sheppard is a receiver we really like. He has ideal size. Sheppard is going to be a match up problem for smaller defensive backs. He will outmuscle them to the spot. He is also very physical. Watch him on defense and Jaquan has no problem coming up and smacking you in the mouth. He is a guy who will attack the ball in the air and then break tackles on his way to the end-zone.

103- Marcus Tillman-Orlando Jones-LB-6’2-220: Tillman is a backer that can probably play all three spots at the next level. He is big and athletic enough to play the SAM spot. He is physical enough to play inside. He runs well enough to play WILL. Tillman shows the ability to drop into coverage and make plays in the passing game. You can rush him from anywhere on the field.

104- TJ Jones-Lake City Columbia-Athlete-6’0-170: TJ is a prospect we really like. He can really stretch the field. He does a good job of catching the football away from his body. He has good body control. Even on poorly thrown passes he does not seem to lose momentum. He is a guy who will have a lot of yards after the catch.

105- Tyler Scott-University School-DB-5’10-180: Tyler is one of those defensive backs that could play multiple positions at the next level. He is good in pass coverage. You can watch him come up and play the run. He is very active on the defensive side of the ball. He could even play some linebacker based on what type of scheme you run.

106- Michael Cartwright-(Doral Academy): OT-6’5-290: Cartwright is a prospect that you recruit him based on his upside. He is very raw as a prospect. The good thing is Michael is a hard worker who will do what he needs to get to that next level. He is a big, long, athletic tackle. He can move laterally and handle speed rushers. He is going to need to get bigger and stronger to handle guys at the next level

107-Treshaun Ward-Plant City-RB-5’10-175: Ward is more of a scat back. He is a prospect that will need to play in a spread offense. He is not the type of back that is going to run well between the tackles and through traffic. He needs to be in space to be effective. He is also effective as a pass catcher.

108-. Norell Pollard-Wekiva-DT-6’1-260: (Committed to Virginia Tech): Pollard is part of a defensive front 7 which may be one of the best in Florida this year. Pollard is undersized at this time to play tackle but he will get to 300 pounds. He has a wide body and putting on weight should not be a problem. He has a nice initial burst which allows him to shoot the gaps and make plays against the run.

109-Keyshawn King-Oakleaf-RB-6’0-175: King is another back who has been very productive in high school. He has a straight up running style so that does concern us a little bit at the next level. He shows some toughness on film. He can cut well and get into the open. He also has some pretty nice speed and quickness to make defenders miss and get into the open field.

110- Kendre Gant-Port St Joe-WR-6’2-190-Gant is a prospect that we look back in a couple of years and wonder why more big time programs did not go after him. He is a big, physical receiver. He also plays on defense and is a play maker. He has a knack for being around the football. He has good hands. You will see him just snatch the ball out of the air. He also can catch the ball no matter where it is thrown to him.

111- Jaylin Young-Miami Central-WR-6’0-170: Young reminds us of Antonio Bryant who played at Miami Northwestern. He performed at a very high level this spring. He has very good hands which Young displays when he high points the football. He is a prospect we could easily see end up finishing in the top 100 by seasons end.

112- Vincent Davis-Cardinal Gibbons-RB-5’9-170: (Committed to Pittsburgh): Davis is the ideal chance of pace back. He is a guy that you want to get carries because if he touches it 15-20 times at least 2-3 could go for touchdowns. He is very quick and if Davis gets into the open field, watch out. He has that quick first burst and can be off to the races. He has the ability to take a short gain and turn it in to a long touchdown.

113- Seneca Milledge-Ft. Myers Dunbar-WR-5’7-160: (Committed to Virginia): Seneca is not real big but he is fast. He has the chance to be one of the true play makers at the next level from the slot position. Virginia needs to add some speed to their offense and that is what this kid brings. He is not going to run a ton of routes but the few he can run, Seneca can take them the distance. His speed and quickness can help change a game on one play.

114- Jake Pope-Saint Thomas Aquinas-OT-6’7-270: (Committed to UK): Pope reminds us of another former Saint Thomas lineman Andrew Datko. He may actually be more physically ahead at the same time because Andrew was injured heading into his senior season. Pope has size and length. While a raw prospect his upside can’t be denied.

115- Jamari Williams-Cardinal Gibbons-OL-6’4-275-(Committed to Louisville): Williams shows some physicality on the offensive line. He will try and bury his guy right into the ground. He is a big, physical guard that you can run the ball behind. He has some quickness off the ball and his hands are physical. He is asked to pass block a lot so that should not be a problem at the next level.

116- Jason Munoz-Saint Thomas-DE-6’3-275: (Committed to Miami): Munoz is a prospect that has done well in the off-seasons. He test very well and will get it done at football camps. He needs to display the same type of game while the pads are on. Here is a guy that can play inside or out. He is athletic enough to play him at defensive end. He is quick enough that if you move him inside on passing downs could get to the quarterback.

117- Rashean Lynn-Cocoa-WR-6’3-200: Lynn is listed anywhere from 6’3-6’5. He is one of the bigger receivers in the state of Florida. He runs very well for a big guy. What you have to like is that Lynn uses his size and length to go up and get the football. He does not allow the ball to come down to him. He will attack it at its highest point.

118- Howard Allen-Baldwin-OT-6’5-270: Allen is a prospect that has played on both offense and defense. On physical talent alone he has the potential to be an elite level talent. He is very physical at the point of attack. Here is a kid that just tries and demolishes the opposition. He is very agile on his feet. His biggest issue happens to be his grades. If he can qualify we would rank him higher.

119- Miles Dickens Deerfield Beach-DE-6’3-230: (Committed to UCF): Dickens is a prospect we first spotted at Douglas High School. He stood out over a year ago at their spring practices. He is another big, athletic defensive lineman. He has continued to develop physically over the past year and with that has come the D1 offers.

120- Dane Belton-Tampa Jesuit-DB-6’2-190-(Committed to Iowa): Belton has been listed as a receiver, a cornerback or safety. He is a good enough athlete that Jesuit plays him on special teams. He is a bigger defensive back. You watch him go back into pass coverage and his size and length are going to cause problems for the opposition. He tackles well. Belton also has good football instincts.

121- TJ Robinson-Riverview-DB-6’2-175: (Committed to Minnesota): On Robinson first play on film you see him chasing a player down from behind. He does not quit till the whistle is blown. He is a kid who can make an impact on either side of the football. You are looking at a big, long, athletic player. He has very good hands and is dangerous with the ball in his hands. We feel as a defensive back he has NFL potential.

122- Jarrad Baker-Eau Gallie-Ath.-6’0-170: Baker is the type of athlete who leaves the state of Florida and ends up developing into an NFL prospect. He is a very gifted athlete who can play on either side of the football. On offense he displays the ability to get to top end gear very quickly. He has good hands and runs nice routes. On defense we feel his game is suited to playing safety. He is a guy who sees the ball well and is a play maker.

123- Willie Gaines-Cocoa: Ath.-5’10-160: (Committed to Toledo): Gaines is your typical Cocoa football player. He is undersized and very fast. Gaines is a guy you design plays for on offense. He needs to touch the ball so he can make an impact on the game. On defense he is physical and his speed helps him match up well to any receiver. He does not back down from a challenge no matter what.

124- Martin Emerson-Pine Forest-DB-6’2-180: Emerson gives you the size and length in the secondary. He looks more like a linebacker then a defensive back. He is a well put together player who could add the size to play linebacker in college. His coverage skills would make him an ideal fit at linebacker if he could put on the size. His range allows him to make plays in the passing game. His technique is good.

125-EJ Jackson-Glades Central-CB-6’0-170: Jackson is a prospect we could really see blowing up this fall. He has the size and speed to play cornerback or safety in college. He has the length to really effect the passing lanes. This is a guy you can line up in the center of your defense and just tell him to attack the football.

126- Keenan Johnson-Lake Minneola-DB-6’0-170: (Committed to UNC): Johnson is not going to test out great. He has good size and his speed is above average. What he will do is give you someone that can be counted on. He is a kid that will work hard and do what the coaches ask of him. In the right scheme we feel Johnson can have success in college.

127-Travis Robinson-Daytona Mainland-OL-6’4-335: Robinson is a wide bodied, interior lineman. You put him inside and run behind him. He has a big base and it is tough for defensive lineman to move him off the ball. For someone he moves pretty well. He is a more of a run blocker at this time. He needs to learn how to handle speed rushers.

128-Calijah Kancey-Miami Northwestern-DT-6’2-270: (Committed to Pittsburgh): Kancey is a tough kid. He will come off the ball well and try and live in the backfield. While he is not the biggest defensive tackle on the board Kancey more than makes for it with his speed and quickness. You better get a hand on Calijan or he will run right by you and make a play behind the line of scrimmage.

129- Marcus Lafrance-Deerfield Beach-CB-6’3-170: Lafrance is one of the taller defensive backs in this class. The concern with bigger defensive backs is they are stiff. He is not going to suddenly change direction. That being said he can open up and make plays. He needs to close the space between him and a receiver at the next level. His style of play may be better suited to playing safety.

130-Latrell Jean-Lakeland-6’2-250- Jean has a big base. He has the build of a 3-4 defensive end or that of a guy who moves inside. He is easily going to get into the 280+ pound range. Can he get big enough to play inside? If not can he keep his quickness to play on the outside? His strength is stopping the run.

131- Major Williams-Dunbar-DB-6’1-170: (Committed to Virginia): Williams is a defensive back that can move around in your secondary. You can line him up on the outside at corner. You can put him in the slot or you can have him drop back to safety and play. He is another big, long, athletic defensive back. He does a good job of watching the quarterback’s eyes and knowing where he is going with the football. He has good football instincts.

132-Peter Hayes Patrick-Timbercreek-RB-5’10-180: Patrick is a back that gets overlooked. He is a N/S runner. He will go outside but quickly square his shoulders and shoot up the field. We would like to see him be a little more decisive on some of his runs.

133-Brett Seither-Clearwater Central-TE-6’5-230: Seither is more of a possession type receiver. He is going to be a quarterback’s outlet on third down and inside the red-zone. He has good hands and can go up and get the football. He has good timing on his jumps and usually wins the 50/50 battles with a defender. Throw him the ball and Seither will come down with it. He has good but not great speed. The question with Seither is how good of a blocker is he?

134-Dustyn Hall-Charlotte-C-6’3-270: Hall is a tough nosed, lunch pail type lineman. He is not the most athletically gifted lineman. What he will do is go hard and try and out duel you. He is very tough to move off the ball. He is physical at the point of attack. His strength is run blocking. Guys with some speed and quickness could give him some issues as a pass rusher.

135-Darrell Harding-West Orange-WR-6’3-190: (Committed of Duke): With so few quality receivers in the 2019 class a guy like Harding could emerge eventually from the pack. He has the size and runs well after the catch. He is a guy who actually gets separation from defensive backs. If you don’t get a hand on him at the line of scrimmage and he runs a slant or post route, you don’t stand a chance.

136-Charlie Dean-Hillsborough High School-QB-6’1-200: (Committed to UCF): Dean is a quarterback who has a big arm. He can whip the ball into tight spaces. While that is a strength of his game it is also a weakness. Dean throws every pass 100mph. He needs to learn to take something off some of his passes. If he can learn to take something off some of his passes his accuracy numbers will improve.

137- Trent Whittemore-Bucholz-DB-6’3-190-(Committed to Florida): Whittemore is a prospect you sign and make him the captain of the defense. He is the guy that will go out there and get his teammates in the right play. He is a bigger defensive back so it would not surprise us to see him develop into a linebacker. He is a very good high school football player. We feel he will continue to produce at the next level.

138-Taquan Kinsler-Pahokee-DT-6’4-270: Kinsler is one of those defensive lineman that can move around. He could play end in some defenses. He can move inside on some downs and give you a pass rush. With more and more teams playing multiple fronts, Kinsler is the type of defensive lineman college coaches are looking for. We also like the fact that Kinsler could get over 300 pounds and move to the offensive line. His defensive mentality on the offensive side of the ball would be interesting.

139-Malcolm Ray-Carol City-DL-6’2-240: Ray is one of those tough kids from Carol City. He may not be the biggest defensive lineman on the board but don’t tell him that. He plays the game with an aggressive attitude. He does a good job of using his hands. He is not easy to block very long. He uses his speed and quickness to shoot the gaps. He does a good job of stopping the run. He is also athletic enough to give you a pass rush. If he can get to 275-280 pounds Ray would make an ideal 3-4 edge rusher. He is not tall (6’2) but has length.

140-Kaleb Boateng-Fort Lauderdale-OT-6’4-290: Off the field Boateng is a full qualifier. He is a smart kid and understands the game of football. He plays tackle but we could also see him excel at guard. We like the fact that he can come off the ball and get to the edge. He can pull and is very athletic for a lineman. He does a good job of getting on a defensive lineman or linebacker and moving them off the ball. His strength is as a run blocker. He continues to get better as a pass blocker every day.

141-Antoine Whitner-IMG Academy: OT-6’4-290: Whitner gets overlooked because IMG is so talented on the offensive line. While he plays tackle we project him more a guard in college. He can be used as a pulling lineman. He does very well at getting on his guy, blocking him and getting on the next man. He is a better run blocker at this time.

142-Tyus Gibson-DT-Tampa Catholic-DT-6’4-310: Tyrus is a big, wide bodied kid. He is the type of defensive tackle that is going to demand a double team. He is very effective as a run stopper. He is so big and wide that teams are forced to run wide on Tampa Catholic. He is more of a two down player. The question is can he be a good pass rusher from the middle of the defense.

143-Dwight Toombs-Centennial-DB-6’1-190: Toombs is more of a strong safety than free. He can play in coverage but his game is more suited to playing close to the line of scrimmage and helping stop the run. He has good coverage skills. He plays the ball well when it is front of him. You don’t see a ton of film of him turning his back and playing the pass. He is physical enough to be used as an extra linebacker on run downs.

144-Ladarius Henry-Gibbs-DB-6’3-180: Henry gives you a defensive back with size. He looks like a linebacker in his secondary. For his size, Henry runs pretty well. You can line him up in the middle of your secondary and let him make plays. His size and length that you want in a defensive back. He covers a lot of ground quickly. He can also come up and play the run or rush the passer.

145-Diamante Howard-Miami Southridge-OLB-6’2-180: Howard is a prospect that was considered a future star as a freshman. He has not developed as rapidly as most thought. He has the frame to add the weight but has never seem to gotten much bigger. He is built like a safety but Howard is projected as a linebacker. He is a kid who needs to play with a little more urgency. He has the physical attributes but has not seem to put it all together yet.

146-Jalen Mitchell-Rockledge-RB-5’11-200: Mitchell is one of the five most underrated football players in the state of Florida this year. He is not the biggest or fastest back on the board. One thing he does when you put the ball in his hands is produce. He is the type of back that will pick up 3-4 yards and then bust a long run. He is a patient back that understands that it just takes one crease to bust off a long run. We feel he is a complete back and will also help out in the passing game.

147-Gary Cooper-Columbus-TE-6’1-220: (Committed to Indiana): While there are some talented tight ends this year most of the top guys are built the same. Cooper is listed at 6’1. That is not a height that most schools look for in a tight end. He is a kid that is going to have to move around to be effective. He is a solid blocker for a tight end. He also has pretty good hands. He is a match up problem for most of the defenses Columbus faces each week.

148- Latrell Jean-Lakeland-DE: 6’2-250: Jean plays defensive end but looks like a tackle. He does not have ideal quickness off the edge. If he does not bulk up and play inside, Jean will be limited as a defensive end. He can help against the run. As a pass rusher he lacks the athletic ability to get pressure from the outside. Move him inside and Jean grows into a tackle, he has more upside.

149- Cameron Vaughn-Haines City-OL-6’6-300-The last time Haines City had a lineman this big was Zah Reid. He went to UCF lost about 80 pounds and ended up playing in the NFL. Cameron does not have to lose weight like Reid but with some proper coaching can end up a future starter. He is a big, athletic kid who just needs to be coached up.

150-James Gordon-Plant City-LB-6’0-200-(Committed to Minnesota): Gordon can flat out run. He is a player that you want to be aggressive with. He is not a read and react type backer. He is a very good from sideline to sideline. He can come up and play the run. He is the one backer on the board that has the size and speed to match up well in the passing game.

Others to keep an eye on…..

• Antonio Clary-Sandalwood-6’2-200
• Bryan Gagg-Braden River-6’3-190 (Committed to East Carolina)
• Bryson Lucero-IMG Academy-6’2-190
• Camden Orth-Bucholz-6’2-200
• Cariq Rackley-Miami Palmetto-6’1-170
• Chris Butash-Carrollwood Day-6’2-170 (Committed to Holy Cross)
• Corey Wilsher-North Marion-6’2-190
• Curt Casteel-Saint Thomas-6’2-190-(Committed to Harvard)
• Daelen Menard-Chaminade-6’0-160
• Daniel Richardson-Carol City-5’9-180
• Dywonski McWilliams-Lakeland-5’10-180
• Elijah Stimmel-West Orange-6’4-190
• Gavin Screws-Baldwin-6’1-190 (Committed to Troy State)
• Gio Richardson-Palm Beach Central-6’1-190(Committed to FAU)
• Hunter Riggan-Tate High-6’0-190
• Jack White-Niceville-6’1-190
• Jesse Rivera-Western High School-6’3-190
• Mariano Valenti-Saint Thomas-6’0-200 (Committed to NIU)
• Maurice Underwood-Miami Central-6’3-180 (Committed to Marhall)
• Michael Kern-Lake Nona-6’2-170 (Committed to Wake Forest)
• Morgan Mitchell-Oviedo-6’6-210
• Sean Robles-Apopka-6’4-190
• Spencer Fetter-Trinity Prep-6’3-170
• TJ Smith-McArthur-6’1-180
• Tucker Talbott-Bishop Kenny-6’2-180
• Tyler Riddell-Chamberlain-6’0-170


• Abram Smiley-Pensacola-5’11-215
• Anwar Lewis-Pine Forest-5’8-170
• Brandon Marshall-Raines-5’9-180
• Courtney Reese-Southridge-5’9-160
• Devin Ellison-Bartram Trail-5’8-175
• DJ Green-Wharton-5’11-170
• DJ Williams-Sebring High School-5’10-190
• Ja’Tarie Washington-Pahokee-5’10-190
• Jacob Baptiste-Northwestern-5’11-190
• James Meeks-PB Central-5’10-170 (Committed to FAU)
• Josh Berry-Ridge Community-6’0-180-(Committed to USF)
• Kimo Clarke-Lake Weir-5’10-190
• Lavelton Williams-AH Plantation-6’0-220
• Leonard Parker-Plant-6’0-180
• Lexington Joseph-Miami Central-5’8-170
• Malik Brown-University Christian-5’8-180
• Marcus Barthell-Miami Sr-5’9-170
• Michael Hurt-University School-5’8-160
• Nigel White-Saint Thomas-5’9-150
• Niko Duffey-Tampa Jefferson-5’10-170
• Terrell Jennings-Mandarin-6’1-210 (Committed to W. Kentucky)
• Tony Street-Godby-5’9-190
• Walter Wilbon-Plant-5’11-190
• Willie Davis-Chaminade-5’8-180

• Amari Johnson-Carol City-5’9-165
• Chris Scruggs-Superior Collegiate Academy-6’2-175-(Committed to Southern Miss)
• Christian Nelloms-Atlantic-6’2-180
• Christian Wells-University School-6’0-165 (Committed to App. State)
• Darrell Harding-West Orange-6’4-190
• Donte Banton-Deerfield Beach-6’0-180
• Eyin Cole-Defuniak Springs-6’2-190
• Ezeriah Anderson-Armwood-6’4-200
• Isaiah Stephens-Tampa Bay Tech-6’1-180
• Jaden Voisin-Crestview-6’0-180
• Jamal Cooney-Saint Thomas-5’9-155
• Javon Gantt-Westside-6’2-210
• Javontae Williams-Glades Central-6’2-160
• Jonathan Jones-Bishop Kenny-6’1-180
• Jorday Izzary-University School-6’0-170
• Jovon Smith-Killian-6’1-190
• Juriel Caldwell-Robert E. Lee-6’0-180
• Jymetre Hester-Glades Central-5’9-160
• Kasimir Absolu-Mandarin-5’10-170
• Kerrick Teamer-Pensacola Catholic-6’4-215
• Kevin Butler-Booker T-6’0-160-(Committed to Toledo)
• Khymani Martin-AB McCarthy-6’2-180 (Committed to BYU)
• Kinsely Grissett-Western-6’3-170
• Kris Mitchell-Mandarin-6’1-170
• Malik Tolbert-Wekiva-6’1-170
• Matt Drayton-Raines-6’1-190
• Matthew Akuchie-Saint Thomas-6’4-180
• Najeh Baker-South Dade-5’11-175 (Committed to Toledo)
• Nate Jefferson-Lymna-5’11-170
• Nyre Handy-St John Neumann-6’4-180
• Richard Sam-North Miami-6’0-180
• Ronald Fanfan-North Miami -6’2-175
• Terrel Ferrell-Bloomingdale-6’1-180
• TJ Robinson-Riverview-6’1-175
• Travis Issac-West Port-6’2-175
• Trevon Solomon Wilson-Lincoln-5’10-175
• Tyler March-AH Plantation-6’2-175
• Tyrese Cooper-Norland-6’1-175
• Wayne Dennis-Armwood-6’4-190 (Committed to Northwestern)
• Xavier Weaver-Orlando Christian Prep-6’1-165
• Zay Flowers-University School-5’11-175


• Alkee Saint Aime-Lakeland-6’1-270
• Andrew Fish-Moore Haven-6’4-320
• Antonio Serrano-Saint Thomas-6’2-290
• Aric Harris-Escambia-6’3-275
• Brandon McCartney-Doral Academy-6’3-280
• Bryner Joseph-Monsignor Pace-6’3-280
• Cameron Vaughn-Haines City-6’6-300 (Committed to Central Michigan)
• Deshawn Richardson-Pahokee-6’4-290
• Elijah Williams-First Academy-6’3-290
• Everett Smalley-Tampa Plant-6’3-250
• Jimmy Nixon-Chaminade-6’3-270
• John Gill-Pine Forest-6’4-275
• Jordan Wiggins-Godby-6’4-290
• Joshua Johnson-Southridge-6’4-310
• Joshuan Blanchard-Norland-6’3-280
• Khiry Stubbs-Champaganat-6’3-315
• Luis Cristobal-Columbus-6’2-280
• Lyle Hiers-Lake Wales-6’5-260
• Marcus Finger-Fort Myers-6’5-300
• Marlon Johnson-Doral Academy-6’3-290
• Matt Lee-Hagerty-6’3-290 (Committed to UCF)
• Matthew McDuffie-Baker County-6’5-280
• Mikece Watson-Superior Collegiate Academy-6’4-280
• Raymond Collins-Largo-6’4-280
• Robert Boyd-Deerfield Beach-6’6-300
• Ronald Folkes-Dwyer-6’3-275
• Shamar Hobdy-Tampa Jefferson-6’5-290
• Silas Little-Orange Park-6’4-290
• Sincere McCall-Forest Hill-6’5-300
• Vashon Bailey-Somerset Academy-6’7-280
• Yontez Jarrell-Ed White-6’6-265
• Zachery Teter-Lake Gibson-6’5-290 (Committed to Virginia)

• Came’rhon-Robinson-Miami Central-6’2-220
• CJ Lockett-Trinity Christian-6’3-215
• Cornelius Mann-PB Lakes-6’4-190
• Davonte Jones-Belleview-6’2-225
• Derreon Hunt-Bartow-6’4-230
• Devenere Norfleet-PB Lakes-6’4-220
• Dorien Josey-Rockledge-6’4-225
• Georell Kidd-Northwestern-6’2-250
• Ishmael Goulbourne-Dwyer-6’4-200
• Isiah Jordan-Tampa Catholic-6’3-230
• Izez Hayward-Menendez-6’1-230
• Jamarius Landers-Deerfield Beach-6’3-230
• Jeramy Passmore-Columbus-6’2-240 (Committed to Indiana)
• Jontrell Oliver-East Bay-6’3-210
• Jose Rose-Treasure Coast-6’5-230
• Joshua Scott-Ely-6’5-200
• Justin Williams-Lennard-6’2-230
• Kam’ron Green-Southeast-6’3-250
• Kyle Laing-Tallahassee Godby-6’3-230
• Kyren Taylor-Boca Ciega-6’4-230
• Nathan White-Edgewater-6’4-220
• Nelson Paul-Flagler Plam Coast-6’2-220
• Noah Ketter-Bucholz-6’5-225
• Raymond Cutts-Orlando Jones-6’3-220
• Set Coleman-Holy Trinity-6’4-200
• Travon Thomas-Miami Edison-6’2-225
• Tre Huntley-Lakeland-6’3-225
• Tre-Shaun Clark-Cape Coral-6’3-230

• Anthony Hundley-Booker T-6’3-270
• Dylan Perez-Columbus-6’2-265
• James Kitt-Tate-6’3-250
• Javon Denis-Deerfield Beach-6’2-260
• John Moran-Centennial-6’3-300
• Jordan Jefferson-Navarre-6’4-270
• Kennedy Roberts-Clearwater Central Catholic-6’3-250
• Kevon McCray-Mainland-5’11-260
• Mario Kendricks-Osceola-6’2-270 (Committed to Virginia Tech)
• Quindaris Burgess-Palm Beach Central-6’3-330
• Robby Love-Bartram Trail-6’1-275
• Sio Nofoagatoto’a-Clearwater Academy-6’3-300 (Committed to Indiana)
• Ta’Quan Kinsler-Pahokee-6’3-265
• Terray Jones-Madison County-6’1-280
• Traquan McNair-Deltona-6’0-270

• Antarrius Moultrie-West Florida Tech-6’2-210
• Aric Horne-Raines-6’1-210
• Brandon Gary-Clearwater-6’2-230
• Brandon Moses-Deerfield Beach-5’11-220
• Brock Holland-Viera-6’1-210
• Caleb Tate-Tampa Catholic-6’1-190
• Cole Beckham-First Coast-6’3-230
• Damaurez Bellamy-Deland-5’11-210 (Committed to USF)
• Dan Foster-Dwyer-6’3-230
• Darius Williams-Norland-6’0-210
• Derek Buns-American Heritage Plantation-6’3-200
• Dorian Jones-Oxbridge-6’0-220
• Eddie Wililams-Palmetto-5’11-170
• Jaharie Martin-Lakeland-6’0-220
• James Lynch-Wekiva-6’2-220
• Jatarious Manning-Tavares-6’0-190
• Jaylen Brown-Lake City Columbia-6’0-190
• Jeremiah Jean-South Dade-6’2-220
• Joe Smith-Southridge-6’1-210 (Committed to Toledo)
• Jordan Richo-Yulee-6’2-200
• Joshua Carter-Navarre-5’10-220
• Kerry Darelus-Stanton College-5’11-210
• Khalil Crawford-Lakeland-6’0-200
• Kirk Williams-Southridge-6’0-200
• Kyler Laing-Godby-6’3-230
• Larry Smith-Norland-5’11-210
• Leslie Smith-Northwestern-6’0-190
• Levi Marshall-East Bay-5’10-210
• Marvin Strong-Southridge-5’11-215
• Mason Russell-Windermere-6’2-225
• Moezies Telfort-University School-6’2-200
• Octavius Brohers-Rockledge-6’2-210
• Omari Fiffer-Ed White-6’0-190
• Ricardo Watson-Armwood-5’10-245
• Romello Rutty-Deerfield Beach-6’2-200
• Shawn Hardy-Tampa Jefferson-6’0-200
• Tallin Coates-Flagler Palm Coast-6’2-210
• Tarian Lee-Tallahassee Godby-6’2-210 (Committed to Texas A&M)
• Tatum Bethune-Miami Central-6’0-215
• Tavian Wililams-Milton-6’2-210
• Taylor Paweloski-Braden River-5’10-220
• Thomas Willis-Monsignor Pace-5’11-200
• Travis Pittman-Booker T-5’10-170
• Tyrese Crump-Pompano Ely-5’11-240
• Yahweh Jeudy-Cardinal Gibbons-6’2-215 (Committed to Kansas State)
• Zac Smith-Braden Smith-6’2-230
• Zac Smith-IMG Academy-6’2-230

• Ahmaud Jordan-Chaminade-5’11-190
• Andrew Plummer-Mainland-6’1-17
• Brandon Cherenfant-Lyman-6’0-160
• Conner Hindsley-Delray American Heritage-6’2-180
• Cori Fant-Tampa Jefferson-6’0-190
• Daquan Wilson-Dwyer-6’3-160
• Dennis Fisher-Fort Pierce Central-6’1-180
• Deshaun Davis-Jacksonville Lee-6’0-190
• Dorien Green-Wiregrass-5’11-190
• Gregory Reddick-Booker T-5’10-170
• Jamel Brunson-Homestead-5’10-190
• Jay Ward-Edgewater-5’10-190
• Jaylin Wodfard-Mosley-6’3-200
• Kaylen Travis-Pensacola-5’11-190
• Kenderlin Dort-Glades Central-6’0-170
• Khadry Jackson-Windermere Prep-6’2-190
• Malachi Robinson-Auburndale-6’0-180
• Najahte King-Pensacola-5’9-190
• PJ Jules-Orlando Jones-6’0-180
• Rashawn Hunter-Mariner-6’3-170
• Sidney Porter-Cardinal Gibbons-5’11-200
• Tahron Sims-St Lucie Centennial-6’1-180
• Xavier McDonald-Northeast-6’0-170


• Adrian Cole-Plantation-5’10-160
• Amari Pitts-Braden River-6’0-160
• Amir McDaniel-West Florida Tech-5’10-170
• Brian Dillard-Lake Weir-6’2-190
• Cecil Powell-Boyd Anderson-6’0-180
• Chris Hill-Coral Springs-6’0-190
• Chris McDonald-Southridge-5’10-170
• Chris Shearin-IMG Academy-5’11-170
• Christian Murphy-Pensacola Catholic-5’10-180
• Christion Williams-Rickards-5’8-175
• Cory Hanna-Everglades Prep-6’2-180
• Daquan Evans-Orlando Jones-5’11-170
• Dee’Shari Keith-Spruce Creek-5’10-175
• Demarcus Governor-Durant-6’0-180
• Demetries Ford-Columbus-5’8-160
• Dennis Shorter-Flagler Palm Coast-5’10-170
• Devenson Cadet-Miami Sr-5’11-160
• Devon Witherspoon-Pensacola Pine Forest-6’0-160
• Eldridge Franklin-PB Lakes-5’10-160
• Greg Pressley-Superior Collegiate-5’11-170
• Gregory Reddick-Booker T-5’8-170
• Jahlon Wilson-Trinity Christian-5’10-170
• Jalen Carr-Orlando Christian Prep-5’9-170
• James Chaney-Lehigh-5’11-180
• James Tarver-University Christian-5’10-180
• James Williams-Chaminade-5’11-175
• Jesus Santiago-Palm Beach-Central-5’11-170
• Kamron Lee-Mainland-5’9-160
• Kamryn-Giles-American Heritage-5’10-190
• Kanyon Walker-Wildwood-6’0-180
• Kym Mani King-Mitchell-5’10-165
• Marcus Gerilus-Coconut Creek-5’10-150
• Micah Abraham-IMG Academy-5’10-170
• Milan Tucker-Fort Myers-5’11-170
• Myles Bell-Saint Thomas-6’0-160
• Myles Wilson-Western-6’0-175
• Naquandre Grace-St Lucie Centennial-6’0-165
• Robbie Peterson-Sarasota-6’1-170
• Stanley Wynn-Seminole-6’0-180
• TJ Ward-North Miami Christian-5’11-170
• Travon Killins-Spruce Creek-6’0-170
• Tredarious Langston-North Florida Christian-6’2-160
• Trevontae Cunningham-Stranahan-5’10-170
• Tyreke Harrison-Plant City-5’10-160


• Andrew Lawton-Chipley-5’11-1200
• Antavious Lane-Dwyer-5’7-170 (Committed to FAU)
• Charles Ward-Sarasota-5’10-180
• Darian Oxendine-Mandarin-5’10-170
• Darius Lewis-First Coast-5’9-170
• Dashuan Davis-Deerfield Beach-5’9-160
• Deante Nelson-Pahokee-6’0-170
• Demario Douglas-Mandarin-5’8-170
• Dontavius Smith-Tampa Jefferson-5’7-155
• Griffin Helm-Bartram Trail-5’11-160
• Javion Hanner-Zephyrhills Christian-5’10-170
• Jeremiah Ashe-Tampa Freedom-6’2-200
• Jerjuan Newton-Clearwater Central Catholic-6’0-170
• Jevaun Jacobsens Clearwater Academy-6’1-200
• JJ Cruz-Mandarin-6’0-190
• Jonathan Higgins-University School-5’10-170
• Joshua Youngblood-Berkeley Prep-5’11-170
• Kelvin Dean-Chipley-5’11-190
• Kewanaqui Smith-Killian-5’8-150
• Kymani Martin-Archbishop McCarthy-6’2-180 (Committed to BYU)
• Lamontre McMillain-Rickards-5’9-170
• Larry Robbins-Northwestern-5’7-170 (Committed to Buffalo)
• Levi Wililmas-Bloomingdale-6’0-170
• Marcus Barthell-Miami Sr-5’8-170
• Markheem Glover-Vanguard-5’11-170
• Marwan Gilmore-Gaither-5’11-170
• Montavious Brini-IMG Academy-6’0-190 (Committed to Temple)
• Quinyon Mitchell-Williston-6’1-175 (Committed to Toledo)
• Rayne Tangea Doster-Saint Thomas-5’11-180
• Richie Coffey-Baldwin-5’11-165
• Robert Harvey-Edgewater-5’10-190
• Roger Yarde-Sebring-6’1-200
• Romain Mungin-Tampa Plant-5’10-150
• Shelly Singletary-Boca Raton-5’10-175
• Terrance Moore-Wekiva-5’10-160
• Theodore Lucas-Saint Thomas-6’0-10
• TJ Smith-McArthur-6’1-180
• Tremaine Taylor-Miami Edison-6’0-160
• Tyler Jones-American Heritage-5’7-180
• Tyrec Thompson-Treasure Coast-6’1-175
• Willie Neal-Fort Myers-5’10-170
• Xavien Flowers-University School-5’10-170

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