Post NSD TOP 150-Florida

One of the top linebackers in Florida: Amari Gainer-Lawton Chiles High School

One of the top linebackers in Florida: Amari Gainer-Lawton Chiles High School

Every year over 350 prospects sign with D1 programs out of the state of Florida. The class of 2018 will be no different. When you consider that another 100+ prospects will sign with junior college programs there are over 400 from each class which end up at the highest level over time. This years class in Florida was highlighted by the defensive secondary. This was the year of the DB. ESS travels the state each spring, summer and fall to put together these list. We had another great season and look forward to covering the class of 2019 in the coming months. ENJOY!


1) Patrick Surtain: American Heritage Plantation: CB-6’2-190: (Committed to Alabama): Surtain is the best secondary prospect to come out of South Florida since Patrick Peterson. He has elite level size and athletic ability. His versatility allows you to line him up anywhere in the secondary and Surtain will shut his guy down. When you look for an ELITE level talent, Surtain is what you will want to see.

2) Xavier Thomas: IMG Academy-DE-6’3-245: (Committed to Clemson) When you put together an elite defense you have to have a great pass rusher and top cornerbacks. Thomas is an elite edge rusher. He has a quick first step and can get up the field and pressure the quarterback. His ability to hold the edge also helps your defense out against the run. He is one of the best defensive ends in the country.

3) Nick Petit Frere: Berkeley Prep-OT-6’6-270: (Committed to Ohio State): Frere is the premier left tackle in the state of Florida this year. He is big and very athletic. You watch him bend and you realize how flexible and athletic he is. He also moves very well for someone his size. He is a very good pass protector but you watch him run block and Frere plays with a bit of a mean streak. He is about as good of a tackle prospect as you will see on film.

4) Tyson Campbell: American Heritage Plantation-CB-6’2-185: (Committed to Georgia); How often do you see a team have two elite defensive backs? Heritage has two of the very best cornerbacks in the nation. Campbell is a kid who can line up at cornerback or safety in college and make an impact. For his size, Campbell is very fluid. He has good coverage skills and Campbell is also not afraid to come up and help in run support.

5) Taron Vincent-IMG Academy-DT-6’2-290-(Committed to Ohio State): Watch him come off blocks and use his hands you will come away very impressed. He is very violent with his hands. He also has multiple moves to get up the field and into the oppositions backfield. He is stout against the run but Vincent will also provide a pass rush from the middle of the line of scrimmage.

6) Lorenzo Lingard: University (Orange) RB-6’0-190: (Committed to University of Miami): Lingard made his entrance to high school football during his freshman season. Each and every season he has gotten better. He has the type of top end speed to take it the distance anywhere on the field. He is also a very good receiver out of the backfield. We expect him to make an impact as a freshman.

7) Mark Pope: Southridge-WR-6’0-170: (Committed to University of Miami): Pope is one of the more natural receivers you will watch in person. The game seems to come so easy to him. He runs good routes and knows how to get behind a secondary. He also has very good hands. The only question mark is Pope will be 20 years old when he steps on campus and will he continue to develop physically?

8) William Barnes: Apopka-OT-6’4-290: (Committed to North Carolina): Barnes is one of those kids that comes from a tough football program. He is conditioned to run block. He excels at that part of the game. You get him in space and Barnes moves well for a big man. He can play either tackle spot or even move inside to guard in college. He will need to improve as a pass blocker but that is expected from him at the next level.

9) Amari Gainer: Tallahassee Chiles-LB-6’3-190-(Committed to Florida State): Physically there are not many better looking linebackers in the country. He is big, long and athletic. One thing you look for in a linebacker is the ability to cover receivers, backs and tight ends in space. That is a strength of his game. He can also help in run support. Gainer may be the most complete linebacker in Florida this year.

10) Nesta Silvera: American Heritage Plantation-DT-6’1-285: (Committed to University of Miami): What stands out with Nesta is how aggressive he is coming off the ball. Here is a kid that will dominate the line of scrimmage. He is very active with his hands and can shoot the gaps before offensive lineman can get a hand on him. While he is a very good run stuffing lineman, Silvera can get a pass rush from the middle. The only question regarding him at the next level will be his size.

11) James Cook: Miami Central-RB-5’11-190: (Committed to Georgia): Some could argue that Cook is the best back in Florida. He has good size, very good speed and is one of the better athletes to play the position. You can line him up at receiver and Cook will be just as effective. He has very good hands. He could also play in your secondary and excel. 

12) Warren Thompson: Armwood-WR-6’4-185: (Committed to Florida State): When it comes to upside there may not be a more gifted receiver in Florida this year. His size makes him a major miss-match against smaller defensive backs. He is able to get great position on slants and post routes. He is also very effective on fade routes. Put him against a smaller defensive back and it is a battle that Thompson will win every time.

13) Tyreke Johnson: Trinity Christian-DB-6’3-190-(Committed to Ohio State): Johnson has been starting since his 8th grade season. When you have that much film out there are going to many that break down every aspect of your game. The one thing you can’t take away from Johnson is how productive he has been at the highest stage of the game. He made big time interceptions not only as an 8th grader but also his freshman season in the state title games. He is an elite level talent that needs to learn to not listen to his detractors.

14) Antoine Green: Rockledge-WR-6’2-180: (Committed to North Carolina): While there are others rated higher then Green it would not shock us to see him end up the top receiver in this year’s class. He has all the physical tools to be an elite receiver in college. He has the type of size, speed and quickness to make him a number 1 at the next level. He is also one of the better blocking receivers in this class. 

15) Kevin Austin: North Broward Prep-WR-6’3-200-(Committed to Notre Dame): We first saw Austin as a freshman over at North Broward Prep. At that time we realized how talented of a prospect that he was. He has the size and speed to cause defensive backs problems. He also has very good hands and if you throw the ball up Austin is most likely coming down with it. He is also a polished route runner.

16) Gurvan Hall: PB Gardens-DB-5’11-185-(Committed to Miami): One thing that is evident when you watch this kid play is he loves the game of football. We have seen him dominate on both the offensive and defensive sides of the football. He has very good ball skills and you better have your head on straight or Hall will look to knock it off. He is very physical for a defensive back.

17) Asante Samuel: Saint Thomas-CB-5’9-175: (Committed to Florida State): When it comes to slot corners there are not many better in the country. Samuel plays the game with great technique. You want to watch great defensive backs, watch their feet. Samuel puts himself into position to make plays on almost every pass. He is very gifted and should have a chance to play early in college.

18) Brendan Radley Hines: IMG Academy-DB-5’10-180-(Committed to Oklahoma): Hines game mirrors that of Asante Samuel. He does play with the level of technique that Samuel does but he is not too far behind. One thing he does have a knack for is making plays on the football and intercepting it. He has good balls skills. He is probably the type of kid you can put on special teams from day one and can make an impact.

19) Jashaun Corbin: Rockledge-Ath.-5’11-190: (Committed to Texas A&M): While Lingard and Cook get all the hype don’t overlook Corbin. He is one of the most gifted running backs in Florida this year. He has great burst and can get to the 2nd level in a hurry. Get him in the open field and Corbin will run away from defenders. He is a versatile enough athlete to also play receiver or defensive back in college

20) Xavier Williams: Chaminade-WR/DB-6’1-190: (Committed to Alabama): Williams is a player that can make an impact at receiver or defensive back. When you watch him in person, Williams is always making big plays. He can stretch the field as a receiver with his speed. He is also very effective running routes across the middle of the field. Put him on defense and Williams will most likely end up being a 2-3 year starter.

21) Dennis Briggs: Gateway-DL-6’5-255: (Committed to Florida State): What teams like about Briggs is you can line him up on the outside at defensive end or move him inside and play him at defensive tackle. He can also play in either a 3 or four man front. His versatility makes him a priority of some of the other defensive lineman on the board.

22) Houston Griffith: IMG Academy-DB-6’1-190-(Committed to Notre Dame): Griffith is a defensive back that you want to play close to the line of scrimmage. He will be effective against teams that like to run the football. He has enough athletic ability to line him up in the slot and cover receivers. We do feel that if you put him in space, Griffith will not be as effective.

23) Will Mallory: Providence-TE-6’5-220-(Committed to University of Miami): Mallory may just be one of the best tight ends we have seen over the past five years. He has the size and athletic ability to be a major miss match for opposing defenses. He knows how to get open and will give his quarterback a big target to throw the football to. He is very athletic for a tight end. For him to see the field early at Miami, Mallory will need to become a better blocker.

24) Ayodele Adeoye-IMG Academy: ILB-6’0-230-(Committed to Texas): One of the more talented players in Missouri took his talent to IMG in Florida this past season. Ayodele plays with bad intentions. He comes hard and fast after running backs and receivers. You watch him and he plays on one speed: FAST. He is also very physical when he hits a ball carrier. We want to see if he can become an every down linebacker. He is going to have to show the ability to drop into coverage.

25) Deleone Scaife:Southridge-OG-6’4-280-(Committed to Miami): Scaife is one of those players who does board drills and you can bet he will win most of the time. He is one of the tougher players to play on the offensive line in Florida. You are not going to outwork Scaife. Most high school lineman can pass block. When you ask them to run block they don’t finish plays. That is not the case with Scaife. He could excel at either guard or center in college.

26) Richard Gouriage: Cambridge Christian-OT-6’5-270-(Committed to Florida): Gouraige is another prospect started out on the defensive line but moved over to offense. He is another big, athletic lineman in the state of Florida. He moves well laterally. You can also watch him come off the ball and see his athletic ability. His strength is pass protection. We would like to see him get a little nastier as a run blocker.

27) Nadab Joseph: Miami Norland-DB-6’2-170-(Committed to University of Georgia): The first time we saw him in person Joseph intercepted the opposing quarterback three times. He has a great knack for being around the football. You can’t teach ball skills and that is a strength of his game. He is a complete player as Joseph can play the pass or drop down in run support.

28) Malcolm Lamar: Armwood-DE-6’5-265: (Committed to Florida State): When you go and watch Armwood play, Lamar stands out. He is a big, long, athletic defensive end. He can play outside or you can move him inside on passing downs. He still needs to work on his technique. He can also get better at using his hands. He has the potential to be an All-Conference player.

29) Andrew Chatfield: American Heritage Plantation-DE-6’2-225: (Committed to Florida): Chatfield is probably the best pass rusher on the board. He reminds us of Elvis Dumervil who was also undersized coming out of high school. Like Dumervil, Chatfield can get up the field and put pressure on the quarterback in a hurry. His ability to sack and put the pressure on the quarterback with teams running more spread like offenses makes him a priority in recruiting. Some may like him as a stand-up edge rushers while others may like him at linebacker.

30) Stephone Wynn: IMG Academy: DT: 6’4-310-(Committed to Alabama): Wynn strength is playing the run. He fights off blocks and can get into the backfield. He is very active with his hands. He is not a great pass rusher but that does not keep Wynn from creating sacks and getting tackles for loss.

31) Mike Jones-IMG Academy-LB-6’0-230-(Committed to Clemson): Jones is one of the few linebackers that can do almost everything. You can drop him back in coverage and he makes plays. You can bring him close to the line of scrimmage either blitz him or help stuff the run. He has enough speed and quickness to get to the outside and make plays.

32)Patrick Joyner-South Dade-: DE/LB-6’2-220-(Committed to Miami): Joyner is a hybrid defensive end/outside linebacker. He has a quick first step off the ball and can get to the quarterback. He is also athletic enough to drop back into coverage. We could see him playing either defensive end or linebacker in college.

33) Brian Snead-Armwood:RB-5’11-200-(Committed to Ohio State): Snead is a kid who stood out his freshman season. He is a back that was very productive in college. He runs with power but also has enough speed and quickness to get to the edge. He is not a game breaker type back but give him enough carries and Snead can do some damage.

34)John Campbell-Dr. Phillips-: OT-6’5-285-(Committed to Miami): Campbell is a prospect that is big and athletic. He is one of the true offensive tackles in the state of Florida this year. He can move well laterally. He is also effective coming off the ball and driving his guy backwards. Campbell is a guy who we could see being a 2-3 year starter. 

35) Joey Gatewood: Bartram Trail-TE.-6’4-230-(Committed to Auburn): Gatewood first got noticed his freshman season. He was one of the top quarterbacks in his class at the time. The talented signal caller also plays tight end and receiver for his Bartram Trail team. His future is catching passes instead of the throwing them. He is a big, athletic tight end that will cause defensive miss-matches once Gatewood steps on the field.

36) Brian Hightower-IMG Academy-: WR-6’3-190-(Committed to Miami): Hightower has the size (6’3). He is not real fast. We see him more as a possession receiver at the next level. He is going to be effective on third down and inside the red-zone. He has pretty good ball skills. He also has solid hands and runs good routes.

37) Isaiah Bolden-Wesley Chapel-: DB-6’2-175: (Committed to Florida State): Bolden is a kid who looks the part when you see him in person. He has good size (6’2) and is very long. He is a little tight hipped so receivers who are quick could give him some problems. We also would like to see him improve as a tackler.

38) Sevyn Banks-Orlando Jones: DB-6’1-180-(Committed to Ohio State): Banks plays on a very gifted defensive squad last year. He is another tall (6’1), long, athletic defensive back. The one thing that Banks will need to improve on is his technique. He has a tendency to lunge at receivers close to the line of scrimmage and can get beaten off the ball.

39) Rosendo Louis-Deerfield Beach:LB-6’2-220:(Committed to South Carolina): Louis is a prospect we really like. He is an old school MIKE. You line him up in the middle and have him run down-hill. He will be very effective against the run at the next level. The question with Louis is how well will he do dropping back into coverage and covering tight ends and receivers in space?

40)Anthony Schwartz-American Heritage Plantaiton:WR-6’0-180: (Committed to Auburn): Schwartz may just be the fastest receiver in Florida this year. He has the ability to stretch the field. He is a big play waiting to happen. He should adjust very well to Auburn offense where they will use Anthony on Jet Sweeps and fly routes. If he can improve his route running, Anthony could be a number 1 receiver at the next level.

41) Jacob Copeland-Escambia: WR-6’1-190: (Committed to University of Florida): Copeland is a kid who has good size and above average speed. He is a kid who you will ask to go across the middle of the field and make the tough catch. He does not have great deep speed but that does not mean Copeland can’t make the big play. He should also help set the edge on run plays.

42) TJ Pledger-IMG Academy-:RB-5’8-190-(Committed to Oklahoma): Pledger has a running style that is a bit out of control. He does have some nice speed and once in the open field, TJ pulls away from defenders.

43)Shaun Shivers-Chaminade-:RB-5’8-180-(Committed to Auburn): Shivers is not the biggest back but there may not be anyone faster. Get him in the open field and Shivers is not getting caught. He is electric in the open field. He is not a back that you are going to pound between the tackles and ask to wear a defense out. He is a guy you try and get to the edge and allow him to outrun the defense.

44) Divaad Wilson-Miami Northwestern:DB-5’11-200-(Committed to Georgia):  Wilson is a prospect that has gotten lost in the shuffle with all the other top defensive backs on the board. He gives you a guy with good size and speed. He is also a smart football player and will see things before the snap of the ball.

45) Kayode Oladele: Champagnat Catholic-DE-6’5-240: (Committed to Auburn): New to football there are not many more impressive looking prospects in person than Kayode. He is a big, long, athletic end who can create havoc off the edge. His athletic ability allows you to move him around and put pressure on the quarterback. He is also very difficult to run against.

46) Gilbert Frierson-Coral Gables:DB-6’0-180-(Committed to Miami): Frierson is another versatile defensive back. He can play cornerback or possibly move him up to safety. He is a defensive back that is going to try and rough up a receiver at the line of scrimmage. He is a physical defensive back. He can drop into coverage or come up and play the run.

47) Joe Milton: Olympia High School-QB-6’6-230: (Committed to Michigan): When Milton comes into a room you think the kid is a defensive end. He is one of the biggest quarterbacks we have evaluated in all the years of covering high school football. Here is a kid that has the tools. He has a big time arm, he is athletic and has the build to be another Daunte Culpepper. The question with Milton is will he work hard enough to improve his accuracy throwing the football. He also needs to work on his mechanics and footwork.

48) George Takacs-Gulf Coast-TE-6’5-234-(Committed to Notre Dame): We have Takacs listed at 6’5, he may be closer to 6’7. He is one of the better looking tight ends to come out of the state of Florida in the past 4-5 years. He is one of the more complete tight ends on the board. He is productive in the passing game but George can also help out as a blocker setting the edge.

49) Nikolas Bonitto-Saint Thomas Aquinas-OLB: (Committed to Oklahoma): Bonitto is very similar to Patrick Joyner. He can be used as a defensive end or outside linebacker. His ability to put pressure on the quarterback allows you to move him around on defense. He is also stout against the run.

50) Jeshaun Jones-South Ft Myers: WR-6’1-170: (Committed to Maryland): Jones is one of the top 2-3 most underrated receivers in the state of Florida. He is not the biggest or fastest receivers but put him on a field and try and cover him. He runs very good routes and understands how to get open. He is very quick in short spaces. He can make a defender look silly in the open field.

51) Jamien Sherwood-Jensen Beach-DB-6’3-190-(Committed to Auburn): Sherwood plays safety but it would not surprise us to see him move to linebacker in college. He plays much faster than his forty time. Sherwood has good instincts and just goes out and reacts on the field. He is very good in pass coverage. He is also effective coming up and playing the run.

52) Al Blades: Saint Thomas Aquinas-DB: 6’0-175: (Committed to Miami): When it comes to playing the game of football you need guys who are DOGS. They need to love the game. Al loves the game of football. He can get beaten on one play and come back to the line of scrimmage and challenge his guy again. He forgets bad plays and that is important for defensive backs.

53) Curtis Dunlap-IMG Academy-OT-6’6-320: (Committed to University of Minnesota): Remember the first time I saw Dunlap in person. I went over to Ed White High School and he was only a freshman at the time. He was massive back then. It is rare to see a kid with his size move as well as he can. Curtis will play either guard or tackle at the next level. His length makes it tough for defenders to get around.

54) Elijah Moore-Saint Thomas Aquinas-WR: 5’11-180: (Committed to Ole Miss): Moore is considered one of the top slot receivers in this year’s class. Before the season started he was ready to have a break out season. Things did not go as planned and Moore did not put up the stats many expected.

55) Daquris Wiggins-Southridge-WR-6’2-180-(Committed to Miami): Wiggins is a receiver we could see blowing up in college. He could be Miami’s next Allen Hurns. He has good size, solid speed and pretty good hands. He played in an offense that did not showcase his talents last season. If he plays in a passing offense, Wiggins may have ended up a top 25 prospect this year.

56) Amari Burney: Calvary Christian-St Pete: 6’2-215-: (Committed to University of Florida): Burney plays both offense and defense. Could he become a Curtis Samuel type player for Florida offense or do you put him on defense and bulk him up and allow him to play linebacker. He does not move well enough to play cornerback.

57) Carter Bradley-Providence-QB-6’3-190: (University of Toledo): Bradley is the son of former Jacksonville Jaguar coach Gus Bradley. Carter has a big time arm and can make all the throws. He is also a pretty good athlete. If he can learn that not every pass needs to be 100mph fast and improve his accuracy, Bradley could end up the best quarterback to come from this class.

58) Justin Watkins-East Ridge: WR-5’11-175-(Committed to Florida): Watkins is one of the more talented prospects in the State of Florida. Our biggest concern is that not only has he transferred multiple times, he has committed to about 4-5 programs. Watkins will be as good as he wants to be at the next level. He has top 20 talent in the state this year.

59) John Huggins-Daytona Mainland-DB-6’2-220: (Committed to Florida): We first saw Huggins two years ago. He has developed quite nicely over that time. He is a bigger safety who will be asked to play closer to the line of scrimmage. His strength will be stopping the run. He can go back into pass coverage but needs to be matched up against the right guy. Put him against a smaller, shifty receiver and Huggins may not have the same success.

60) Cleveland Reed: Ft Meade-OG-6’3-330-(Committed to Miami): Reed has played some tackle but is more suited to playing guard. He is a road grader. He is the type of guy who will whip you inside a phone booth. He is athletic enough to be bused as a pulling guard or center in college. He does a good job of using his hands and moving his guy off the ball. He stays low and plays with good leverage. He also has a bit of a mean streak in him.

61) Camron Davis: Carol City-RB: 5’10-200-(Committed to Miami): Davis is your typical Carol City football prospect. He is a hard-working, overachiever type that has a better college career then some of the guys rated ahead of him. When you watch backs you want to see what type of feet they have. Davis can make cuts in the hole and not lose any momentum. He moves like a scat back at times. He is also one of the few backs you don’t have to take off the field on passing downs as Davis has good hands.

62) Jarrett Jackson-Palm Beach Gardens-DE-6’4-230-(Committed to Louisville): Jackson is another talented two way standout. He has played both tight end and defensive end in high school. His quick first step off the ball allows him to get up the field quickly. He is also stout against the run. He has as much upside as any defensive end in this year’s class.

63) Shocky Jacques Louis-Lehigh-Ath.-6’2-170-(Committed to Pittsburgh): Here is one player who has flown under the radar and will most likely have a very good college career. He is a good looking athlete. You can line Shocky up at receiver, cornerback or even defensive back. He is smooth for a bigger guy. When you watch him in person you realize this is the type of prospect who develops into an NFL player.

64) Demetrius Ivey-South Dade-DB-5’11-185-(Committed to Miami): Ivey was part of one of the best defensive backfields in Dade County. He gives you a defensive back with good coverage skills. You can line him up on the outside and play him against other teams number one receivers. You can move him inside to cover the slot. Ivey is also solid against the run.

65) Ken Montgomery-Hillsborough-DB-6’2-200: (Committed to Maryland): Montgomery gives you two things to look for in a defensive back, size and length. He is another athletic defensive back that can play cornerback or safety in college. He is not super fluid but get him on the boundary and Montgomery can more then hold his own. He is also effective against the run.

66) Taylor Upshaw-Braden River-DE-6’5-240-(Committed to Michigan): Upshaw is another legacy kid. His father Reagan Upshaw wen to Cal and became a first round pick. While he is not a finished product you can see this kids upside when you watch him in person. He has played some tight end but with his athletic ability you put Upshaw on defense and let him rush the passer.

67) Judge Culpepper-Tampa Plant-DT-6’4-255-(Committed to Penn State): Culpepper started his career as a freshman at quarterback. He then moved to tight end. He has now settled in as a defensive lineman. His father Brad who played at University of Florida was also a defensive lineman. Judge has gotten better every year we have seen him since his freshman season. His drive and passion for the game is what makes up feel his best is still to come.

68 Charles Strong: Union County-RB-6’1-220: (Committed to Texas A&M):  Here is one recruit that anyone could get behind. Even after committing to Florida State as a sophomore, Strong would attend camps and still try and impress those who were recruiting him. His work ethic is what sets him apart from other players. It would not surprise us to see him have a very good college career. He needs to work on his hands but outside of that his game is tailored made for college.

69) David Reese: Vero Beach-ILB-6’1-215-(Committed to Florida): Reese is a hybrid safety/linebacker. He has good enough coverage skills to play in the secondary. He is physical enough to come up in the box and play close to the line of scrimmage. He is a player who does not mind putting his facemask in the middle of your chest and driving you backwards.

70) Robert Hicks-Miami Central-LB-6’0-240-(Committed to Louisville): Hicks is a prospect that has made plays since his freshman season. He has played all over the defense but we expect him to move inside to linebacker in college. He is a big, stout backer who will hold up against the run well. Put him in coverage and that is not the strength of his game.

71) Arthur Sitkowski: IMG AcademyQB-6’5-215-(Committed to Rutgers): Heading into his senior season many felt that Arthur could be the number 1 quarterback in the state of Florida. He has a big time arm and can make every throw. He is also a good enough athlete to beat a defense with his legs. He just needs to work on his consistency. Arthur will go through games and just not be consistent throwing the football. He reminds us of Blake Bortles who was inconsistent in high school and ended up a 1st round pick. We also wonder how quickly he processes what the defense is doing.

72) Devon Matthews: Ribault-DB-6’1-190-(Committed to Indiana): Matthews is a defensive back that has flown under the radar all season long. He is a guy we could easily see develop into an NFL defensive back down the road. He has size, speed and can hit. He also has the range to play either safety spot in college.

73) Stanley Gardner: Dillard: DB:6’2-180-(Committed to Kentucky): Gardner is a kid we really like. He gives you a defensive back with both the size (6’2) and speed (4.5). He has the type of length that allows him to knock passes away that other defensive backs can’t. He is also the type of player who will challenge the opposition’s best receiver. He is very confident in his ability to play the game.

74) Michael Penix-Tampa Bay Tech-QB-6’2-180-(Committed to Indiana): Penix is one of the better dual threat quarterbacks in this year class. He has a good arm and can make pretty much every throw asked of him. He is also a quarterback who can have designed runs and beat you with his legs. He needs to improve his accuracy. If he can do that we feel that Penix can have a very good college career.

75) Daniel Faalele-IMG Academy-OT-6’8-400-(Committed to Minnesota): For a guy his size he actually moves well. He is a big tackle who will most likely move inside to guard in college. His lateral quickness will be challenged against speed rushers coming off the edge. He is effective as a run blocker as Daniel will drive his guy off the ball. He needs to learn to bend a little better. Daniel would be better off if he became a little more flexible in his lower body.

76) Chris Curry-Lehigh Acres-RB-5’11-200-(Committed to LSU): When you watch Curry runs he looks a little like Marshawn Lynch. He has a very powerful running style. You are not going to bring him down by trying to arm tackle him. He runs with a nice blend of power and balance. He breaks through defenders and picks up extra yards.

77) Trenell Troutman-Saint Thomas Aquinas-DB-5’10-190-(Committed to Louisville): Troutman is an undersized safety. It would not surprise us to see him play some slot cornerback or even play the field side in college. He is a good athlete who can run with most receivers and backs. He does do better when playing the ball in front of him.

78) Lavonte Valentine-Melbourne Central Catholic-RB-6’0-190-(Committed to South Carolina): When it comes to both size and speed there is not a kid who fits the description better. Lavonte can flat out run. He is a track guy who can also play football. He is a back that will get to the edge and out run a defense. He is also very dangerous going one on one with a linebacker in space. We feel this is a back that could end up a star in college if he stays healthy.

79) Tyquan Thornton-Booker T. Washington-WR-6’3-170-(Committed to Baylor): Thornton is a prospect that excelled in the state title game a couple of years ago. It was that performance that put him on the map. He is tall but very skinny. He is going to have to put on weight to play at the next level. The transition to Baylor offense should be a smooth one.

80) TK Chimedza-IMG Academy-DT-6’3-300-(Committed to Georgia Tech): TK strength is stuffing the run. He is a big, wide bodied interior lineman. He has some quickness but most of his plays come from out working the guy in front of him. He does do a good job of disengaging from offensive lineman. He can use some improve on his technique. At times comes off the ball too high. This can be corrected at the next level.

81) Davoan Hawkins-Chaminade-DT-6’2-275-(Committed to Kentucky): The first time we saw Hawkins we were breaking down his film as a freshman. He had a multi-sack game against Pahokee. Over the past three seasons he has developed into one of the best defensive lineman in the state of Florida. He is very effective against the run but Hawkins can put pressure on the quarterback. He committed early to Kentucky and never seemed to waiver.

82) Mayan Ahanatu-Berkeley Prep-DL-6’3-245-(Committed to Minnesota): Mayan is another kid whose father played in the NFL. He is versatile enough that you can play him outside at defensive end or move him inside to tackle on passing downs. He wins most of his battles by playing to the whistle.

83) Chamarri Conner-Trinity Christian-DB-6’0-195-(Committed to Virginia Tech): Over the yeas Virginia Tech has had a ton of success recruiting defensive backs like Conner. When you turn on his film, Conner looks more like a linebacker then a safety. He is very physical and his strength is playing the run. He can play in pass coverage but Conner is always looking for the big hit.

84) CJ Smith-Oxbridge –DB-6’2-190-(Committed to Nebraska): Smith is another two way standout. He has played both receiver or defensive back in high school. He has the size and speed that college recruiters look for. Playing in the Big 10 you want bigger cornerbacks who can not only cover big receivers but come up and play the run. Smith is very effective at both facets of the game.

85) Dominick Watt-Miramar-WR-6’1-200-(Committed to Nebraska): Watt has been on the radar for 2-3 years. He made his presence felt on offense and defense. In the Dade/Broward game it was Watt who made the big play. The one question that comes about with Watt is how fast is he? The answer is FOOTBALL FAST. He plays much faster when you put pads on him. He is a physical kid who can also play in your secondary.

86) Jerome Ford-Armwood-RB-5’11-190-(committed to Alabama): Ford is one of those players you recruit and worry about where to play him once on campus. He could end up at linebacker in college. He is a very good athlete who just needs to find a position. Ford has the speed and quickness to play running back or receiver in college. Put him on defense and he can cover skill players.

87) Ed Montilus-Apopka-OG-6’2-290 (Committed to North Carolina): Ed played tackle in high school but he will end up at guard/center in college. He is nasty on some run plays. He plays in an offense that forces its lineman to run the football. He is very physical at the point of attack.

88) Reuben Unije-IMG Academy-OT-6’5-305-(Committed to Illinois): Reuben gives you a tackle with some athleticism on the edge. He is a big kid who can move. When he locks onto a defender in high school he stones them. His size and length can give defensive lineman problems. We would like to see him be a little more physical. He can get much more physical and sudden with his hands.

89) Chandler Jones-Miami Central-CB-5’10-175-(Committed to Louisville): Jones plays well off the ball. He can play off coverage and make up ground with his speed and quickness. He has good football instincts and plays the ball well. He jumps a ton of routes. He can be had by double moves. He is probably better suited to playing safety in college. He is physical so playing in the box should not be a problem.

90) Jaivon Heiligh-Venice High School-WR-6’2-190-(Committed to Coastal Carolina): In the state title game Jaivon recorded over 160 yards on 8 catches. He has flown under the radar and Coastal Carolina may end up with one of the best receivers in this year’s class. He has the physical tools to be a premier receiver at the next level.

91) Sammy Faustin-Naples-CB-6’2-190-(Committed to Michigan): Faustin is the type of defensive back that college coaches are looking for. He is over 6’1 and has the length to handle most receivers.

92) Eric Gilyard-Trinity Christian-LB-5’11-225-(Committed to UCF): Eric is one of the few players in his class who was a four year starter in high school. We first saw Eric at Ed White High School where he already making plays as a freshman. He is not real big but with his speed and quickness we expect him to one of the leading tackles at UCF.

93) Tutu Atwell-Miami Northwestern-5’8-155-(Committed to Louisville): Tutu played quarterback for most of his high school career. He is a dynamic play maker with the ball in his hands. He was a big reason why Miami Northwestern won a state title. He is a leader as was displayed on and off the field for the past four years. He is also the type of player who could come in and make an impact on day 1.

94) Jermaine Eskridge-Tampa Jefferson-WR-6’3-185: (Still Available): Talent is not what is in question with Eskridge. He plays with a ton of emotion and needs to keep in check. If he can handle his emotion and play up to his potential, Eskridge could end up one of the better players in this year’s class. He has all the tools to be a very good player in college.

95) Gregory Rousseau-Champagnat Catholic-DE-6’5-225-(Committed to Miami): Rousseau is a prospect that is intriguing. His athletic ability stands out when you watch him in person. He lines up at receiver and will go up and outjump a defender for the football. As a defensive end while raw there is plenty of upside to his game. He will need a red-shirt and time to develop into a starter down the road.

96) Zach Sheffer-Nease-TE-6’3-230-(Committed to LSU): It is not often the state of Florida produces multiple tight ends. He is another P5 TE which is coming out this year. He is a very efficient pass catcher. He can beat a defense down the seam. He is not a guy who is going to create a ton of big plays. He is a solid route runner and has good hands. At LSU he is going to have to improve as a blocking tight end. They use their tight ends plenty in the run game.

97) Miguel Edwards-Deerfield Beach-CB-6’0-165-(Committed to Oklahoma): Edwards comes out in a year that is loaded with defensive backs. He will give Oklahoma is lacking in the secondary and that is toughness. He will get physical at the line of scrimmage with a receiver. He is sometimes over aggressive and if a receiver gets him to lunge, they can get behind him quickly.

98) Verdis Brown-IMG Academy-Center-6’3-295-(Committed to Illinois): Verdis is a kid that wins most of his battles because of his size. He won’t have the same size advantages in college. We would like for him to be a little more nimble for a lineman. He is a little stiff and does not always finish off plays.

99) Juanyeh Thomas-Niceville-DB-6’3-200-(Committed to Georgia Tech): Thomas looks like Ken Swilling who played safety at Georgia Tech back in the day. He is a big, physical safety. He is going to give Georgia Tech a defender who can stuff the run. He is also capable of covering a tight end or a bigger receiver in space.

100) Dante Lang-Boca Raton-DE/TE-6’5-220-(Committed to Florida): Lang plays both tight end and defensive end. We project him as a defensive end in college. When you see his size, length and athletic ability, he is the type of prospect you want to put on defense and have him get after the quarterback. He is a raw prospect but his upside is as good as any prospect in this class.

101) Marvin Alexander-Chaminade-WR-6’3-175-(Committed to Kentucky): Alexander is one of those prospects who flies under the radar in high school and blows up in college. He has all the physical tools to be a very good player at the next level. He just started to put it together half way through his senior season. If he can continue his upswing there is no telling how good Marvin can be in college.

102) Jonathan King-Tampa Bay Tech-DE-6’2-240: (Committed to Indiana):  One thing college recruiters are looking for is defensive ends that can run and put pressure on the quarterback. With more and more teams running spread offenses you need guys like King. He can come off the edge with his hand off the ground, he can play in space and cover a tight end or receiver or put his hand on the ground and be a traditional defensive end in a 4-3.

103) Randy Charlton-Southridge-DE-6’3-234-(Committed to UCF): Charlton is one of the best defensive ends in South Florida. Try running to his side and he will stuff the play. If you try and run away from Randy, he will run you down. He has the size and length to cause problems on the edge.

104) Rocky Shelton-Saint Thomas-OLB-6’0-205-(Committed to Duke): Shelton brings some athleticism to Duke’s defense. One thing he does well is play in space. He is an every down linebacker that does not need to come off the field on passing downs. Shelton is very active and is an ideal fit in a 4-3 scheme.

105) DeAndre Hollins-Tampa Jefferson-DB-6’2-175-(Committed to North Carolina): Hollins is built like a linebacker. He brings size to your secondary. Most guys his size don’t move as well as Hollins. You watch him transition and you will see him close on the ball quickly. He does not get turned around easily for a bigger defensive back. His ability to redirect is quite impressive. He has good ball skills for a defensive back.

106) Jordan Miner-Wiregrass Ranch-CB-6’1-185-(Committed to Penn State): Most years guys like Miner get more pub. Problem is this happens to be one of the best for defensive backs in ten years. Miner comes from a school that has not produced a ton of D1 prospects so that has also kept him under the radar. He has the physical tools. The question now is can he put it all together at the next level.

107) Jalen Jordan-IMG Academy-WR-6’5-210-(Committed to Rutgers): Rutgers has had a ton of success finding big receivers. Jordan fits the mold of the big receiver. He is 6’5 and over 210 pounds. We could see him being used as a flex tight end in college. He is going to cause problems for linebackers who try and cover him.

108) Justin McGriff-Tampa Jefferson-TE-6’5-210-(Committed to Nebraska): McGriff is a prospect we really could see blowing up in college. He has the size (6’5) and runs like a receiver (4.5-4.6). He is a big, athletic tight end that just needs to add some weight. He is a player who we feel once gets in a college weight program will get to around 245-250 and be a major miss-match.

109) Marcus Riley-Rickards High School-WR-5’10-165-(Committed to Louisville): Riley is a guy who has some wiggle to his game. He is going to be very effective on crossing routes. Get him one on one with a defensive back or linebacker and Riley will make them miss in the open field. He has good but not great top end speed. He shows his toughness as Riley also plays some on defense.

110) Corey Gammage-Atlantic Delray-WR-6’2-190: (Committed to Marshall): You see Gammage in person and you will come away impressed. He is a big receiver. He also plays big. You will see him go up and attack the football in the air. He will surprise you with his speed as you will see Gammage get behind a secondary. We would not be surprised to see him have a very good college career.

111) Joe Wilkins-North Ft Myers-Ath.-6’2-180-(Committed to Notre Dame): Wilkins is another very good athlete from Southwest Florida. He is a big, long, athletic player who can line up anywhere on the field. With the need for size and speed in their secondary that is where we expect Notre DAME to move him next year.

112) Jordan Travis-Benjamin-QB-6’2-190-(Committed to Louisville): In 2-3 years we may look back and realize that Travis was the top quarterback in his class. He has very good accuracy and a solid arm. He has a nice delivery and the ball comes out cleanly from his hands. He also is a good enough athlete that defenses must respect his ability to run. He is not the biggest quarterback but his play on the field is very impressive.

113) Stacy Kirby-Orlando Jones-DE-6’3-245-(Committed to USF): Kirby was a long time Florida State Seminole commit. A new staff took over and he did not fit what they run on defense. Kirby decided to stay closer to home and should do well in USF defense. They will most likely play him on the outside and move him inside on passing downs.

114) James Miller-Armwood-LB-6’1-225: (Committed to Indiana): Miller is a throw-back at the linebacker position. You put him inside at MLB and make him run down-hill. His strength is stopping the run. He can make plays between the tackles.

115) Akeem Hayes-Chaminade-WR-5’10-175-(Committed to Kentucky): Hayes is a one step and go type of receiver. Once in the open field you will start to hear the band play. He has some serious wheels for a receiver. With both Shivers and Hayes there may not have been a team that had two better home run threats on offense at the same time.

116) TJ Herrell-Columbus-WR-5’11-175-(Committed to Louisville): Herrell is one of those players who you would go watch in person and he would make big plays. He can stretch the field with his speed. Get him on some drag and crossing routes and TJ will do some damage. He is very good in the open field. He is not the biggest receiver but TJ more than makes up for it with his speed and quickness.

117) Deshaun Fenwick-Braden River-RB-6’3-210-(Committed to South Carolina): Fenwick is a back that has flown under the radar. He is an effective back but also a good outlet out of the backfield to throw the ball to. His running style should complement Valentine who is more of a fast back while Deshaun runs with power.

118) Marquis Williams-Cardinal Gibbons-CB-5’10-165-(Committed to Pittsburgh): If you throw at Williams, he will test another coaches patience. Kid will get physical on the edge and will try and run a receiver out of bounds. He is a kid who is going to play press and challenge you. He does give away some size so bigger receivers can get the best of him. He has very good coverage skills. Not often you see receivers get behind him.

119) Cadarius Gaskin-Atlantic Delray-WR-6’3-215-(Still Available): Gaskin could grow into a tight end. He is already pushing 215-220 pounds. He is another BIG receiver. His size is going to cause defenses problems at the next level. He is very effective at running down the seam. Get him one on one with a linebacker and it is a battle Gaskin will win every time. Gaskin can also play on defense. It would not shock us to see him play linebacker in college.

120) Greg Newsome-IMG Academy-CB-Northwestern-CB-6’1-170-(Committed to Nortwestern): Newsome gives you a defensive back with size (6’2). He is also very thin (165-170). He is going to have to bulk up and get stronger in college. Bigger receivers could just push him around. He does give you some length at the position. With his range he could also be a very good free safety. His long arms are going to be able to help him knock down plenty of passes.

121) Maxwell Joseph-Cardinal Gibbons-DB-6’1-200-(Committed to Vanderbilt): Joseph is a defensive back that will probably be better off playing more zone coverage then man. He is not a guy you want to line up in man coverage ask him to cover a receiver in space. He is effective playing the pass but is better off when he can see the ball. He is also better suited to coming up and playing the run.

122) Kendrick Torain-Tampa Jesuit-DB-6’2-195: (Committed to Duke): We first saw Torain play two years ago in the playoffs. He lined up as a defensive back and his size was impressive. He is a kid that stands out on the football field. He can play some cornerback in college but we see him more as a safety. He is a smart kid who should be the quarterback of the defense in college.

123) James Head-Southridge-DE-6’5-220-(Committed to Indiana): Head is another big, athletic defensive lineman at Southridge. He still has a ton of room to develop. We could see him as a defensive end or an OLB in college. If you have him standing up and coming off the edge to rush the passer, he may end up a sack master. He needs to get bigger and stronger to handle playing the run at Indiana.

124) Miles Jones-American Heritage Plantation-Ath.-5’9-170-(Committed to Nebraska): Jones is the type of player that will excel in Nebraska offense. New Coach Scott Frost will put him in the slot, will move him to running back and use him on jet sweeps. Here is a kid that you want to put in space and let him use his speed and quickness to make plays. He should also excel on special teams.

125) Akeem Dixon-Vero Beach-RB-6’0-210-(Committed to Syracuse): Dixon is a perfect fit for the Syracuse offense. Put him inside the dome and let him run on that turf and he should have a productive career. He is a hard-nosed, insider runner. He is very effective at picking up the tough yards. Dixon also has enough speed and quickness to break off some long runs.

126) Nigel Bethel-Miami Northwestern-Ath.-6-0-160-(Committed to Miami): One trait that Bethel showed when he played on offense is the ability to run. He can get behind a secondary. Put him on defense and his athletic ability really shows up. You want your defensive backs to be fluid. They need to have the ability to turn and run and that is a strength of Bethel. We feel that Bethel is one of the more underrated players in this year’s class.

127) Rachad Wildgoos-Miami Northwestern-CB-5’11-190-(Committed to Wisconsin): The talented defensive back finally found a school (University of Wisconsin). The one time Big Ten Rutgers commit ended up as a Badger. He will give them some size and speed in their secondary. With the type of defensive scheme the Badgers run, Rachad should fit in nicely. He gives them a shut-down cornerback and a kid who can come up and play the run.

128) Khalan Tolson-Admiral Farragut-LB-6’0-200-(Committed to Illinois): Tolson is another kid who has flown under the radar. He makes plays with his speed and quickness off the edge. He is the type of backer you bring off the edge and let him run. He does a very good job of wrapping up ball carriers. His style of play is well suited to playing in the Big 10. We feel if Tolson can put on another 25-30 pounds he could excel in the Big 10.

129) Terrell Perriman-Miami Central-WR-5’10-175-(Committed to UTAH): One thing you can count on with a prospect which comes from the Perriman family is they will love football. Terrell is not the biggest for fastest receiver but get him the football and he will produce on the field. He runs solid routes and has good hands. He is one of the more reliable receivers on Central Football team.

130) Sebastian Sainterling-Chaminade-OG-6’2-350-(Committed to USF): Sebastian is only 6’2 but is a wide body at (350). He can anchor down inside and be a very good guard/center. His strength is run blocking. Here is a kid who drives his guy off the ball and tries to pancake block them. He has a low center of gravity so good luck to interior defensive lineman who try and move him off the ball.

131) Fa’Najae Gotay-North Ft Myers-LB-6’0-205-(Committed to Maryland): Gotay is one of those players you recruit and worry about where to put him once on campus. He plays on both offense and defense but we like him at linebacker. He is an attacking backer who seems to have a good nose for the football. He can scrape off blocks and still make plays.

132) Jermaine McMillan-Booker T. –S-6’2-185-(Committed to UCF): You know how UCF went unbeaten this year? They go out and recruit players like McMillan. Here is a big, athletic defensive back that does not back down from a challenge. He transferred this year from Miami Edison to BTW. The tornados did not make the playoffs and that hurt Jermaine stock.

133) Bryce Carpenter-Venice High School-QB-6’2-190-(Committed to Coastal Carolina): Over the years we have watched plenty of film on Carpenter. It was not until this year’s state final did we get to watch him live and in person. He was very impressive. He is a good athlete. He is also a pretty good passing quarterback. He may not be the biggest or have the strongest arm but Bryce has enough physical talent to be a productive player at the next level.

134) Bryce Oliver-Dillard-WR-6’3-205-(Committed to Kentucky): Bryce is a kid who got overlooked because he does not run a 4.4 (40). Put him on a football field with pads on and he can run by defensive backs. He has very deceptive speed and has good hands. He is a player we could see having a much better college career then high school.

135) Riley Smith-Bartram Trail-QB-6’5-200-(Committed to Boise State): When you turn on Boise State games they recruit these unranked quarterbacks who turn into college stars. Smith may be next in line. He has not gotten a ton of pub but his kid can fling the football. He is a pure drop back quarterback and his skill set should fit in well at Boise.

136) Braxton Clark-Dr. Phillips-CB-6’3-180-(Committed to Nebraska): Clark plays cornerback but it would not surprise us to see him eventually grow into a linebacker. He is a legit 6’2 if not 6’3 and his frame will allow him to gain weight. He is a kid who physically stands out when you meet him in person.

137) Genial Isma-Stranahan-CB-6’0-175-(Committed to Western Michigan): When it comes to flying under the radar no one has come close to Isma. He is an ideal, lock down cornerback. Here is a kid who can play press man coverage and shut you down. He is very physical. He is also very fluid for a cornerback. We feel that he has some of the best coverage skills of any corner in the state. Western Michigan may have stolen a future star.

138) Dejmi Dumervil Jean-Saint Thomas-DT-6’4-350-(Committed to Louisville):Dejmi is one of the biggest lineman in the state of Florida this year. He is MASSIVE. Put him on defense and Dejmi is almost impossible to move off the ball. Put him on offense and you can line him up and run behind him. He is very nimble on his feet for such a big guy.

139) Keyshawn Helton-West Florida Tech-WR-5’8-165: (Committed to Florida State): We have seen Helton in person and the one thing he can do is RUN. He is one of the fastest athletes in the state of Florida. He has gone against some of the best and showcased that speed and quickness. At worst we feel this kid could be a special teams star in college.

140) Bryce Williams-Cardinal Mooney-RB-6’0-190-(Committed to Minnesota): Once again the state of Florida produced some very good running backs. Williams is a player who flew under the radar. On film he displays a nice blend of speed and quickness. He is very good at finding the cut back lanes. He is not a back that goes down on first contact. He runs hard and keeps his feet moving. You got to tackle him well or Williams will be in the open field and your defense will have to run him down.

141) D’Marcus Adams-Daytona Mainland-WR-6’0-175-(Committed to Florida State): Adams is known for going to a football camp and running a 4.35 in the (40). Can he learn to take that speed and translate it to a football field? He is a prospect that is going to have to learn to become a good receiver in college. He has the speed but can he utilize it to the best of his ability? If he can put his speed to good use, Adams will end up a much better player than we expected.

142) Calvin Hart-American Heritage Plantation-LB-6’1-210-(Committed to NC State): Hart will be used as an outside linebacker. He is a guy you want to put in space and let him run after the ball carrier. Hart is one of the better blitzing linebacker. You can also drop him into coverage and have him play the pass. He is undersized but we feel that once in a college weight program, Hart will get bigger and stronger.

143) Jacquez Carter-Palmetto Ridge-Ath-6’2-175: (Still Available): Carter is one of the best athletes in the state no one talks about. Turn on his film and you will come away impressed. He is a big, athletic quarterback who could also star as a receiver or defensive back in college. He has not even come close to his potential.

144) Ashtan Pierre-Deerfield Beach-LB-6’2-190-(Committed to Kentucky): Pierre is a high risk/high reward type player. If he keeps his head on straight, Pierre is top 30-40 player in this class. His biggest issues have come off the field. He plays the game the way you want it to be played; MAD.

145) Keidron Smith-Oxbridge-CB-6’2-180-(Committed to Ole Miss): Keidron is one of the more physical defensive backs in Florida. You watch him play and he will throw receivers to the ground. He is also very good in pass coverage. He is not stiff for a big defensive back. When you watch him run he has also has the foot quickness to play cornerback in college.

146) Javian Hawkins-Cocoa-Ath.-5’9-190-(Committed to Louisville): Hawkins is another gifted athlete who can play on either side of the football. Get him the ball in space and get out of the way. He is ideal for a spread offense. He will be used on Jet Sweeps on day one. He is one of the faster slot receivers in Florida this year.

147) Davontae McCrae-Miami Northwestern-DE-6’5-255-(Committed to NC State): Here is a kid who dominated the Dade/ Broward game. He was constantly getting pressure on the quarterback. He has a quick enough first step to give offensive lineman problems. He also gives you an end with some size to help out against the run. He is one of the more complete players at his position in this year’s class.

148) Calvin Lockett-Largo-WR-6’2-160-(Committed to Iowa): Lockett will give Iowa a receiver with both size and speed. He is asked to run a ton of deep routes for his offense and Lockett delivers the results. We would like to see him polish up his route running. He is also a receiver that should help out the run game. He is a bigger receiver that can help seal the edge.

149) Yashir Abdullah-Carol City-LB-6’1-200-(Committed to Louisville): Abdullah is the type of backer that Louisville has had a ton of success with. He is undersized but can run. He is also very physical for someone his size. He can play against almost any offensive scheme that Louisville will face.

150) Armani Adams-Lakewood-S-5’11-190-(Committed to Arizona): Adams is going to go to the Pac 10. He will bring a physical style of play not often associated with that conference. He will line up at safety and bring the wood. He is a physical player that can come up and take on a blocker and make a play against the run. Adams can also drop back into coverage and be effective against the pass



Next in line…..


Wyatt Rector-Leesburg-QB-6’4-220-(Committed to Western Michigan)

Bryce Carpenter-Venice-QB-6’1-205-(Committed to Coastal Carolina)

Zack Annexstad-IMG Academy-QB-6’2-210 (Committed to Minnesota)

Caleb Lynum-East Ridge-QB-6’2-190-(Committed to FIU)

Josiah Johnson-Bolles-QB-6’5-210-(Committed to UMASS)

Cam Smith-American Heritage Plantation-QB-6’3-190 (Did not sign)

Kaden Frost-Gulf Coast-QB-6’2-210-(Did not sign)

Ivory Durham-Raines-QB/Ath.-5’8-170 (Did not sign)

Alec Carr-Miami Norland-QB-5’10-220-(Did not sign)

Beau Fillichio-Saint Thomas-QB-6’4-190-(Did not sign)

Steve Williams-Miramar-QB-5’11-180-(Did not sign)

Tate Norris Whatley-Lakeland Christian-QB-6’1-180-(Committed to Southern Miss)

Avonta Crim-Vanguard-RB-6’0-190-(Committed to Western Kentucky)

Cameron Hayes-Durant-RB-6’1-175 (Did not sign)

Samuel Llewellyn-Saint Thomas-RB-5’10-200-(Did not sign)

Kevin Sawyer-Florida High-RB-6’0-190 (Did not sign)

Javeon Marlow-Winter Haven-RB-5’10-190-(Committed to Vanderbilt):

Lawrence Papillon-Dr. Krop-RB-5’8-180-(Committed to Marshall)

Lentivove Lesane-Mater Academy-RB-6’1-200-(Did not sign)

Ty Thompson-Tampa Plant-RB- 6’0-200 (Did not sign)

Seth Paige-Baker County-RB-5’10-185 (Committed to Georgia State)

Corey Hammett-Miami Northwestern-RB-(Did not sign)

Caleb Steward-Ed White-RB-5’11-205-(Committed to Virginia Tech)

Abraham Alce-Immokalee-RB-6’0-230 (Committed to Akron)

Alvin Howard-Key West-WR-6’1-190 (Did not sign)

Atorin Perry-Park Vista-WR-6’5-190-(Committed to Wake Forest)

Talik Keaton-Sarasota Booker-WR-6’1-175-(Committed to Marshall)

Chris Carter-South Dade-TE-6’3-230-(Committed to USF)

Tyler Steen-Saint Thomas Aquinas-OT-6’5-300-(Committed to Vanderbilt)

Adonis Boone-Mainland-OG-6’5-290-(Committed to Louisville)

Kahric Belle-North Miami Beach-OT-6’6-295-(Committed to NC State)

Brad Cecil-Bartram Trail-OC-6’4-275-(Committed to USF):

Willie Lane-Winter Haven-DE-6’5-235 (Did not sign)

Mayjai Sanders-Raines-DE-6’4-225-(Committed to Cincinnati)

Trey Laing-Godby-DE-6’2-220-(Committed to USF)

Uchenna Ezewike-Stranahan-DE-6’3-210-(Committed to UMASS)

Demetrius Mayes-Miami Northwestern-DE-6’2-235-(Committed to UCF)

Jordan Domineck-George Jenkins-DE-6’3-210-(Committed to Georgia Tech)

Fritzroy Gardner-Armwood-DE-6’3-220-(Did not sign)

Jason Mercier-Atlantic-DE-6’5-235-(Committed to FIU)

Davonche Bryant-Pensacola-DE-6’7-240-(Committed to UCF)

Josh Waller-Admiral Farragut-DT-6’4-290-(Committed to USF)

Rashawn Yates-Treasure Coast-LB-6’3-250-(Committed to USF)

Devin Hayes-Jones-DE-6’6-250-(Committed to FAU)

Ricky Williams-Blake-DE-6’3-225-(Did not sign)

Dermont Morgan-Melbourne Central Catholic-DE-6’5-260 (Did not sign)

Ryan McDonough-Vero Beach-DE-6’4-245-(Did not sign)

D’Andre Ragin-Saint Thomas-LB-6’3-220 (Committed to Toledo)

Donovan Georges-Champagnat Catholic-LB-6’0-240-(Committed to FIU)

Jaquan Beaver-Booker T-LB-6’0-200-(Did no sign)

Ja’Quris Smith-Lakeland-LB-6’3-215-(Committed to Purdue)

Kenny Bastida-Deerfield Beach-LB-6’1-220-(Committed to Kansas)

Dequan Jackson-Robert E Lee-LB-6’2-210-(Committed to Colorado State)

SL McCall-Suwanee-LB-6’2-190-(Did not sign)

Jajuan Cherry-Okeechobee-Ath.-5’9-170-(Committed to USF)

Keidron Smith-Oxbridge-CB-6’2-180-(Committed to Ole Miss)

Tyrone Collins-Braden River-CB-5’10-165-(Committed to Missouri)

Jamar Johnson-Sarasota Riverview-CB-6’2-185-(Committed to Indiana)

V’Lique Carter-Oxbridge-CB-5’10-170-(Committed to Pittsburgh):

Cameron Jonas-Dwyer-DB-6’1-190-(Committed to Syracuse)

Teshaun Smith-Western-DB-6’3-170-(Committed to NC State)

Braxton Clark-Dr. Phillips-DB-6’3-180-(Committed to Nebraska)

Tyrone Collins-Braden River-CB-5’10-165-(Committed to Missouri)

Jamari Brown-Ely-DB-6’3-180-(Committed to Kentucky)

Jamal Anderson-South Dade-DB-6’2-180-(Committed to FIU)

Tannger Ingle-Dr. Phillips-DB-5’9-180-(Committed to NC State)

Demarcus Townsend-Palmetto Ridge-Ath.-5’11-190-(Committed to FIU):

Zion Roland-Admiral Farragut-Ath.-5’11-175-(Committed to Louisville)

Jalen Patterson-North Marion-Ath-5’10-160-(Did not sign)















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