Inside the Huddle: Wide Receivers -Part II

ahmarean brown-2019

Every year the state of Florida produces some of the very best receivers in the country. While there is talent in this year’s class most feel it is a down year for the position. ESS will break down the receiver position and give you some players who could step up and become the next stars in college.


1.Ahmarean Brown-Tampa Catholic-5’9-170 (Committed to Maryland): Brown is one of the top slot receivers in Florida. He has two things you want in a slot receiver; Speed and Quickness. He can make defenders look silly in the open field. Get him in space and there are not too many defensive backs who can catch him.

2. Josh Delgado-IMG Academy-5’11-175: (Committed to Oregon): Josh plays on the outside but we see him more as a slot receiver. He is very effective on the bubble and slip screens. He is a guy who does well in space. He has a fluid running style and will go up and get the football. He has good speed. We would like to see him have an extra gear.

3. Dionte Marks-Deland-5’11-180: (Committed to Florida): Marks is another gifted slot receiver. There are so many this year that can compete for the top spot and Marks will be one of them. He is a kid who will be very good on quick hitting plays.

4. TJ Jones-Lake City Columbia-6’0-170: Jones is a play maker. Get him the ball and allow him to do his damage after the catch. He sees the ball well and will snatch it out of the air. He is a receiver that will set the defensive back up for later in the game.

5.Kalani Norris-Columbus-6’0-165: Kalani is the type of prospect that once he gets to top end gear the band may as well start playing. He has another gear that he can get to that allows him to run away from defenders.

6. Cameron Coleman-IMG Academy-5’10-165: Coleman is only 5’10 but he is not small. He is very physical for his size. He is not an easy receiver to bring down. He reminds us of Sam Bruce.

7.Jaylin Young-Miami Central-6’0-170: Young had a great spring. He is a kid that we could really see blowing up this fall. He is a play maker on the offensive side of the football. You throw him the football and Young will go and get it.

8.Seneca Milledge-Ft Myers Dunbar-5’7-175: (Committed to Virginia): Milledge lacks great size. He more than makes up for it with speed and quickness. He should be able to make a quick impact on special teams. He is most likely going to play slot receiver in college. Can he get open against bigger and more physical receivers at the next level?

9.Chris Sanders-The Bolles-5’10-175: Sanders is an underrated quarterback. He comes from a program where you will be well coached. He runs solid routes, has good hands and his top end speed allows him to stretch the field.

10.Donte Banton-Deerfield Beach-6’0-180: Banton is a kid that will get his chances this year to shine. Consistency is the biggest issue with Banton. He will make a tough catch and then a routine play he will drop the pass.
11.Richard Sam-North Miami-6’0-180: Sam is one of the top prospects North Miami has had in the past five years. He has very good straight line speed but his lateral quickness is hat has us concerned. He is a kid that will attack the ball in the air and go after the football.

12. Zay Flowers-University School-5’11-165: Flowers gives University a player that can break the will of a defense. He will run right behind defenders and score. He has different level speed. What we like is the kid’s toughness. He can play on either side of the football and be productive.

13. Nate Jefferson-Lyman-5’11-170: Jefferson shows elusiveness on film. He can make a defender miss in the open field. He is the type of player who is going to get down the field. If you see man coverage and no safety over the top, Jefferson will be the guy you want to target.

14. Tyrese Cooper-Norland-6’1-175: Cooper is a track athlete who plays football. He has a chance this spring to really stand out and become the next under the radar prospect from Norland to blow up his senior season. Tyrese is reported to have run a 10.47 100m. Cooper would be ranked much higher but he has off the field issues that need to be worked out.

15. TJ Robinson-Riverview-6’1-170: (Committed to USF): We saw Robinson at a 7 on 7 event last year. One thing he shows on film is that even when it looks like a play is over, he won’t quit. He has a long stride so it takes him a couple of steps to get to top end gear.

16. Amari Johnson-Carol City-5’9-165:(Committed to UCF):Johnson is a slot receiver. While not tall, he has a nice build. He is a kid who can run across the middle of the field, catch the ball and run through tackles. He also has pretty decent speed

17. Najeh Baker-South Dade-5’11-175 (Reported offers: Committed to Toledo)
With Frank Ladson on the field, Baker should see a ton of man coverage. With his speed and quickness look for South Dade to be able get some favorable match ups on offense.

18. Trevor Solomon Wilson-Lincoln-5’10-175: Solomon can get behind a secondary. He is someone that you better push a hand on at the line of scrimmage or he will run right by you. He does catch with his body which we would like to see him do less of.

19. Jamal Cooney-Saint Thomas-5’9-155: Cooney has made a name for himself this off-season in shorts. Once the pads are on we will see if he really loves football. He is either going to blow up or fizzle out.

20. Jymetre Hester-Glades Central-5’9-160: Hester has talent. His biggest issue is his size. You can be 5’8 but weigh 190 and not be small. Hester is small. He is not going to weigh much more then 175-180 in college. He does have enough speed and quickness to play in a spread offense.

Other top slot receivers….

• Terrel Ferrell-Bloomingdale-6’1-180: Ferrell is a prospect that could get some nice looks. He has the size and speed to make a difference. He also has very good balls skills. He is a receiver that can make the catch and create a big play. He is one of the more impressive looking prospects to not have an offer.

• Kasimir Absolu-Mandarin-5’10-180: Absolu is a receiver that you can throw the ball across the middle of the field, he will catch it and then make something happen afterwards. He is a play make and you want to get it into his hands with an open field in front of him. You would like to see him have a little more top end speed.

• Jordan Irizzary-University School-6’0-175: He is a smart football player. Jordan will come in and learn the plays quickly and will be productive at the next level. He has good hands and is pretty reliable to throw the ball to.

• Jaden Voisin-Crestview-6’0-180: Jaden is most likely going to be an interior receiver in college. He runs solid routes and understands how to get open. He allows most of the passes to get into his body.

• Grantis Poole-Chaminade-5’9-170: Poole is part of an offense that should be one of the better ones in Broward County. He is not a big receiver. He is a slot receiver who should be able to make the tough catches across the middle of the field.

• Kenneth Peyton-Coconut Creek-6’1-180: Peyton is going to give you a little more size inside then some of the other slot receivers in Florida this year. He can play outside but move him inside and allow Peyton to get matched up against a linebacker. He is a kid that is physical for his size.

• Terrence Moore-Wekiva-5’10-160: Moore is on a team that could end up being very successful next year. With teams success comes exposure. Moore should draw plenty of attention this spring and look for his offer sheet to grow

• Isaiah Stephens-Tampa Bay Tech-6’1-180: Stephens gives you some size. He is a little thin but bulk him up and at 6’1 you can match him up well against smaller defensive back. He has good but not great speed. He does see and catch the ball well. Sometimes he will allow the ball to get into his body.

• Xavier Weaver-Orlando Christian Prep-6’1-165: Xavier plays at a small school. He is not going to get a ton of pub. He has above average height (6’1) but needs to put on weight (165). He does have some pretty decent speed. He is a project that can be developed.

• Dylan Pate-Trinity Christian-5’10-180: Pate is going to be counted on to become the next DJ Matthews. He can line up at running back receiver and on special teams. He has solid top end speed but lacks the lateral quickness as his former teammate.

• Dante Wright-Navarre-5’8-160: Wright is listed as a 4.3-4.4 type prospect. When you turn on the film it does not look like he runs that fast. He gets to the edge but against better competition we feel Wright will be caught. You add in the fact that his size is a concern and Wright may drop a little bit.)

• Kevin Butler-Booker T. Washington-6’0-160: (Committed to Toledo): Butler is a good athlete. He can play on offense or defense in college and make an impact. He is slight of frame so adding weight may not be easy for him to do. He is also older for his class.

• Earnest Stallworth-Pensacola-5’10-170: Earnest is a possession receiver. At his size you would like for him to have a little more speed and quickness. One thing he can do for his size is break tackles. You better not try and arm tackle him. He can get behind a secondary and make plays.

• Christian Wells-University School-6’0-165: (Committed to App. State): Well is a sneaky quick type receiver. He will set a defensive back up on the outside, cut it back inside and get separation. He uses his quickness to get by a defender and into the open field. He is a good route runner.

• Marlin Mayo-Chaminade-5’11-150: Marlin will need to step up this year as Chaminade lost a lot of talent at receiver this past season. He becomes one of the veterans on offense. He is not real big but Mayo has some serious speed.

• Makai Burris-Faith Christian-5’11-180: Burris is a prospect we feel will make a move this spring. He brings game changing speed to your offense. He can line up at receiver, running back, kick-off returner. He can make an impact right away.

• Dakari Thornton-Vanguard-6’1-150: Dakari as a freshman was supposed to be the guy at his school. He is part of a group of receivers that may be best in Florida next year. He plays on the outside but we expect him to be a slot guy at the next level.

• Devin Voisin-Crestview-6’0-175: Voisin is a prospect that has flown under the radar. He has a brother on the team who also has been drawing some interest. He is a prospect that runs solid routes and knows how to get open. He has good but not great top end speed.

• Kai Rosado-The Benjamin School-5’10-170: Rosado put up some nice stats last year because Benjamin had a very good passing game. He is a guy who should continue to do well in 2018. He is a nice slot receiver that can do well in a spread offense. He is the type of receiver who can make plays in traffic. He lacks an extra gear.

• Torean Sealey-Kathleen-6’0-170: Sealey will be one of Kathleen top prospects this year. His running style is straight up. He is going to expose himself to some big hits.

• Tamonti Rainey-Sarasota Booker-5’9-160: Rainey is a prospect we have been on since his freshman season. Biggest issue is he has not gotten much bigger