Inside the Huddle: Wide Receivers -Class of 2017

Inside the Huddle: Wide Receivers -Class of 2017

One of the fastest rising stars: James Bostic

One of the fastest rising stars: James Bostic


When it comes to producing receivers there may not be a more talented or deeper state then Florida. In years past you have had players like Kelvin Benjamin (1st Round Pick), Amari Cooper-Alabama (1st Round Pick) and Sammy Watkins. All had great college careers and now all three are very productive in the NFL. The question is who will be the next stars to come from the Sun-Shine State. We will break down the receiver position and give your insight into what to expect at the next level.

1-Jerry Jeudy-Deerfield Beach-6’1-175: Jeudy is not only the top receiver in Florida some could argue he would be the top rated cornerback if he decides to play on that side of the football. Jeudy has the size and speed to give defensive backs fits. He is very sudden in his movement and when Jeudy wants to take over a game there are not many better then him. He is an elite level prospect and it shows from all the offers he has.

2-James Robinson-Lakeland-6’3-190: Talent wise there are not many better receivers in the country. Robinson gives you a receiver with both the size and speed to cause matchup problems. You know you’re talented when opposing coaches respect you.

3-Trevon Grimes-Saint Thomas Aquinas-6’4-190: Most have Grimes rated as the top receiver in Florida. He has the physical attributes that coaches love. We would like to see him use his size more often and when facing a smaller defensive back dominate them. He is a very good route runner and has pretty good hands.

4-James Bostic-Cardinal Gibbons-6’4-210: Bostic has blown up this spring. He has the size and speed that college coaches covet. He is a match up problem for smaller defensive backs. He has the size and speed to get behind the bigger defensive backs. Bostic is only 16 years old at this time. When you consider that his father was also a star in college it is easy to see why Bostic is a top flight prospect. There are not many players with more upside this year then Bostic.

5-DJ Matthews-Trinity Christian-5’11-160: (Committed to FSU): Matthew is an ideal slot receiver. He is very quick in short are spaces. He can run by defensive backs. He also is a very solid route runner and once the ball is in his hands, Matthews can make any defensive player look silly. He is not the biggest (160 pounds) but that should change once he gets into a college weight program.

6-Jhamon Ausbon-IMG Academy-6’2-200: (Committed to LSU):Ausbon looks like a grown man. He is 6’3 and over 200 pounds. He is a very effective route runner across the middle of the field. You want to move the chains or throw him the ball in the red-zone, Jhamon will be at his best. He does not have the top end speed that some of the receivers above him have but that should not stop him from being a very good player in college.

7-Daquon Green-Tampa Bay Tech-6’1-185-(Committed to Florida)-Green is a prospect we first saw as a freshman at sling n shoot. Green is smooth as a receiver. He runs solid routes and once the ball is thrown his way, Green will come down with it. He is deceptively fast and can get behind almost any secondary.

8-D.J. Edwards-Palm Beach Lakes-6’2-180: Edwards is a prospect that has flown under the radar. He was about to blow up this spring but a shoulder injury sidelined him. He has the size and speed to blow by defensive backs. You throw him a hitch route, the defensive back better come up and make the sure tackle or Edwards will be off to the races. He is a play maker with the football in his hands.

9-Jordan Pouncey-6’1-175-Winter Park: (Committed to Notre Dame): There are two traits that Pouncey has that scouts look for size and speed. Jordan can run very well for a bigger receiver. He is a little on the slight side but that should be an issue once in a college weight program. Jordan is much underrated and it would not surprise us to see him have as good or better career then any of the receivers listed above him. It would also not surprise us to see him play defensive back in college.

10-Derrick Smith-6’2-175-Trinity Christian: Smith is one of the better two way standouts on this list. He plays both receiver and free safety. With his size and length there will be plenty of teams who end up moving him over to defense full time in college. Even though he is a very good player as a receiver, he plays like a defensive player all the time. He is very physical and does not mind taking a guy’s head off. Throw the ball his way and Smith will come down with it.

11-Jacquez Jones-Clearwater-5’10-170: (Committed to Tennessee): Jones is fighting for the top slot receiver spot. When you look at undersized receivers, they better be special. Jones has the chance to be special. He can catch a five yard hitch and go the distance. He has the type of speed and quickness you better respect. He is a one cut and go type of player. Once in the open field no one is going to catch him.

12-Kevaughn Dingle-Miami Carol City-6’1-190: (Committed to Miami): A few years ago Miami took a receiver who was not hyped from Carol City named Allen Hurns. He went on to post a 1,000 yard season at University of Miami and is now in the NFL. Dingle game is similar as he is not going to blow you away with his top end speed, but he knows how to get open. We would not be surprised to see Dingle have a very similar career to the former Carol City star.

13-DJ Edwards-Palm Beach Lakes-6’2-180: Edwards was one of the hot names during spring football. He ended up injuring his shoulder in the spring but that should not keep schools from continuing to recruit him. He has size and speed that college coaches covet. His style of play is similar to Stacy Coley who now plays at University of Miami.

14-Matt Landers-Lakewood-6’5-195: (Committed to Georgia): Landers has the physical tools to become an elite receiver. Consistency is the name of his game. He needs to become a more consistent player. On some plays he attacks the ball. Other times he lets the ball come to him. When he is aggressive, Landers can be very tough to stop. There are very few defensive backs that match up well with his physically.

15-Clevan Thomas-Flanagan-6’0-190-Thomas may not be the biggest or fastest players on this board but he makes plays. He does a very good job of setting a defensive back up. He can adjust his routes based on what a defensive back does to him. He will lull you to sleep and all of a sudden is running by you. He has good hands and runs solid routes. He is also a tough kid who is not going to be afraid to go across the middle of the field to catch it.

16-Michael Harley Jr.-Saint Thomas-5’9-170:(committed to West Virginia): Harley is undersized (5’9-170) but he plays big. He is a receiver you want to get into space. Run him on jet sweeps, crossing routes, get him in motion before the snap of the football. If he gets a step on a defensive back it could get ugly. He has the ability to run by most defensive backs. If you end up with a linebacker on Harley it may as well be six.

17-Joshua Palmer-Saint Thomas Aquinas-6’2-180-(Committed to Syracuse)-When you go over to Saint Thomas and watch them practice, Palmer stands out. He is very smooth and the game seems to come easy to him. He has the size (6’2) and speed (4.5). He does need to get a little stronger and become a little more physical. Once he does that his game should go to another level. He is the type of receiver that you throw the ball up to him and Palmer will come down with it a majority of the time. 

18-Louis Dorsey-Ribault-6’5-200: Dorsey is a prospect we first saw as a freshman. He has great size (6’5) and overall is a very good athlete (plays basketball). When you look at his size and what Dorsey can potentially turn into it is easy to see why colleges are recruiting him. He is a raw prospect that you red-shirt and develop him.

19-Leroy Henley-Deerfield Beach-6’1-175: Henley is a prospect those two years ago was near the top of the list. He is still a very good player. He has good size and above average speed. His short area burst allows him to get by defensive backs at the line of scrimmage. You better get a hand on him or Henley will be off and running. He has good balls skills and will go up and get the football. He adjusts well to the football even when thrown behind him. You will see him extend his hands and high point the football.

20-KJ Hamler-IMG Academy-5’9-150: Hamler joins a loaded roster at IMG. With Emmanuel Greene on the team as well, Hamler will have to make the most of his opportunities. His overall numbers may go down but his big plays may go up. He is going to see plenty of man coverage and Hamler is going to have to take advantage of it. He is one of the top slot receivers in Florida this year.


Best of the rest……

  • Angelo Gonzalez-Keysgate-6’3-185: Gonzales has the physical tools you want in a receiver. He still has plenty of room to develop. He has solid speed and can get separation from defensive backs.
  • Akai Rainford-Coconut Creek-6’1-170: Rainford is your typical Florida receiver that gets overlooked and goes on to have a very productive career in college. He has really improved over the past year and we fill his best days are ahead of him.
  • Dontavius Butler-American Heritage Plantation-6’2-200: When you meet Butler in person he sure looks the part. He is more of a straight line receiver. He is going to be best suited to catching the ball on quick hitches and slants. He is a physical receiver that should be able to help you move the chains.
  • Rodney Scott-Miami Southridge-6’1-180-(Committed to Miami): Scott is a receiver that comes from a football background. He is not the flashiest receiver but Scott will produce.
  • Emmanuel Greene-IMG Academy-(Committed to UCF): If Greene had stayed at Coconut Creek last year they would have had the best set of receivers in Florida. Greene is a very solid slot receiver. He runs pretty good routes. He understands how to get open. He also has the speed and quickness to stretch the field. Greene is very difficult to cover on crossing routes.
  • Daewood Davis-Deerfield Beach-6’2-175: (Committed to FAU): Davis is a prospect that can run. He has fast twitch ability and that allows him to get behind a defensive back very quickly. He can cut on a dime and get into the open without much issue. He is another player that could make a very good defensive back.
  • Alex Sinkfield-American Heritage Delray-5’10-180: Committed to West Virginia): Sinkfield is a prospect that is versatile. He can line up in the slot, in the backfield and run the ball or play on special teams. He is a player that you want the ball in his hands.
  • Jordan Merrell-Saint Thomas-5’10-180: (Committed to Cincinnati): With Grimes, Moore, Palmer, and Merrell there may not be a better set of receivers in the country. Merrell should help lessen the loss of Sam Bruce who was an important part of Saint Thomas offense a year ago. While not as explosive as Bruce, Jordan gives Saint Thomas a receiver with a little more size at the same position.
  • Joshua Ali-Chaminade-6’0-180-(Committed to University of Kentucky): Ali is one of the most improved receivers over the past year. He has gotten much bigger and is more physical than a year ago. He also has improved his route running. He gets open much easier and is tougher for most defensive backs to cover now.
  • Whop Philyor-Tampa Plant-5’10-170: Philyor is the type of player you sign and find a place for him. His short area burst makes him very difficult to cover once in the open field. He can get to the corner quickly and most defenders have a difficult time staying up with him.
  • Sharod Johnson-Booker T-5’11-165: (Committed to Syracuse): Go and watch Johnson and you will come away impressed. He is a one cut and go type of receiver. It does not take long for him to get to top gear. When he does get by the first wave of defenders the odds are Johnson is going to distance. He may just be the fastest receiver in Florida this year.
  • Briand Dorgil-Lake Nona-6’3-210: One thing Lake Nona likes to do is throw the ball. Dorgil will put up very impressive stats. He has the size (6’3-210) but lacks great top end speed. If he ran in the 4.4-4.5 range there is no doubt that Dorgil would be one of the more sought after receivers in Florida.


Best of the rest……

  • Carmoni Green-Miami Central-6’0-180
  • Darrian McNeal-Armwood-5’10-175
  • Demetri Burch-Apopka-6’0-175
  • Jonathan Moore-Saint Thomas-5’8-175-(Committed to FIU)
  • Gabriel Davis-Seminole-6’2-205-(Committed to UCF)
  • Dennis Robinson-6’5-185-(Committed to NIU)
  • Victor Tucker-Carol City-5’11-170-(Committed to Charlotte)
  • Quantino Allen-Glades Central-6’0-200-(Committed to Oregon State)
  • Willie Wright-Raines-5’8-155
  • Malik Garye-Lincoln-6’3-170
  • George Golden-Dillard-5’8-160-
  • Tyron Arnett-Pahokee-6’1-180
  • Jernard Phillips-Miami Central-5’10-175
  • Christian Watson-Tampa Plant-6’2-175
  • Darius Corbett-Tampa Catholic-6’1-165
  • MJ Jarrell-Timber Creek-6’2-185-(Committed to Maryland):

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