Inside the Huddle: Quarterbacks

Inside the Huddle: Quarterbacks

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If you look at the 2016 NFL Draft, Paxton Lynch (Trinity Christian -Deltona), Brandon Dougthy (North Broward Prep), Jacoby Brissett (Palm Beach Dwyer), Jeff Driskel (Hagerty), Jake Ruddock (Saint Thomas) all were drafted and each played in the state of Florida. This year is supposed to not be a great year for quarterbacks but once again many of the players for 2017 could end up very productive in college. ESS will break down the 2017 class and tell you who we feel may surprise many at the next level.

1-Kellen Mond-IMG Academy-6’2-190: Mond was committed early to Baylor before deciding to change his mind. He is the ideal spread quarterback. He can make all the throws asked of him. He has the ability to stretch the field. He is accurate throwing the football down the field.

2-Nikosi Perry-Vanguard-6’3-170-(Committed to Miami): Perry is a kid that makes it look easy. He has a good arm. He is also very accurate throwing the football. When he has time to throw, Perry can put the ball on the mark. He is a kid that can also beat you with his legs.

3-Mac Jones-Jacksonville Bolles-6’2-170-(Committed to Alabama): Jones went from a relatively unknown quarterback to one that got recruited by University of Alabama and committed to them. He can beat you with both his arm and legs. He plays in an offense that does not ask him to do much. He has to get the football in the hands of his play makers and let them do the rest.

4-James Blackman-Glades Central-6’4-160-Blackmon is a prospect we first saw as a freshman. We feel that James is one of the most underrated players in Florida. He has the size (6’4) that you look for in a college quarterback. He can make all the throws asked of him. He does a very good job of leading his receivers once the ball leaves his hand.

5-Marvin Washington-Dr. Phillips-6’2-180-(Committed to UCF): Priority number one for the new coaching staff at UCF in my honest opinion was to target local star Marvin Washington. They landed the talented star and now have someone that fits right into what they will be trying to do on offense. He has a very good arm and Washington can beat you with his legs as well. He is one of the more complete quarterbacks in the state of Florida.

6-Todd Centeio-Palm Beach Dwyer-6’0-180- (Committed to Temple): One thing about Centeio is he does not lack confidence. It shows in his play as Toddy will sometimes try and do too much. He has a good arm and will test the tight windows that defenses may show him. He is also athletic and can beat a defense with his legs. You can design runs to take advantage of his ability to run with the football.

7-Henry Colombi-Chaminade-6’3-190: Here is a prospect that ESS was one of the first to promote. There is no question that over the last year and a half that Colombi has improved more than any other quarterback in Florida. He has gone on to have a great spring and summer as well this off-season. Henry has a good arm and can make most of the throws asked of him. He has continued to improve his mechanics and footwork as well. When you watch him run, Henry is deceptively fast. You must respect his ability to beat a defense with his legs.

8-Denzel Houston-Daytona Mainland-6’0-180: (Committed to Western Michigan): Houston is a very good athlete. He would fit in well with an offense that likes to rely on a quarterback’s ability to run. His ability to break down a defense with his legs makes him tough to defend. Houston has also continued to improve as a passing quarterback. He is not your prototypical quarterback but with more and more teams running read option offenses, players like Houston can make an impact at the college level.

9-Jake Allen-Saint Thomas Aquinas-6’2-190-(Committed to Florida): As a sophomore many regarded Allen as one of the premier quarterbacks in South Florida. Since his move over to Saint Thomas which has a ton of talent around Allen, it has become more of him just getting his star players involved and getting out of the way. Allen has a solid arm and can make many of the throws asked of him. With this being his senior year it is his time to take over the leadership role in Saint Thomas offense and be the guy.

10-Kory Curtis-Island Coast-6’5-230: Curtis is a big kid. When you look at him physically there are not many quarterbacks which match up with him. He has the tools such as size and arm strength. Now he just needs to put it all together on the football field. He has not had a ton of help around him which has hurt. That being said we feel that Curtis could have a breakthrough season in 2016.

11-Leighton Allley-Nease-6’5-225: Alley is a prospect that we feel has a chance to really shine in 2016. He is big, has a very good arm and can make things happen when on the football field. He is more of a pure pocket passer which these days actually hurts a kids recruitment. He is the type of player who will fit best in a certain type of scheme. He is not the type of quarterback that is going to be asked to run the ball much.

12-Corey King-Plant City-6’1-180: King has a nice set of offers at this time. He can beat a defense in multiple ways. He has a good arm but if you want to run the ball, King is very effective. He is the type of quarterback that is going to keep a defense honest.

13-Steven Anderson-Suwanee-6’3-235-(Committed to Georgia Southern): Anderson is one of the bigger quarterbacks in this year’s class. He looks like a defensive end playing the quarterback position. One thing on film you will notice is Anderson likes to push the ball down the field. His size allows him to take on pressure and still get the ball off. He is able to unleash some pretty impressive passes. He does a good job of keeping his feet moving in the pocket while a play develops.

14-Nick Tronti-Ponte Vedra-6’1-205: (Committed to Charlotte): One name that constantly pops up is Nicks. He is not the biggest quarterback but Nick does things that stand out. He does a good job of throwing his receivers open. He understands how to lead a receiver on a pass play. He has a good command of the offense. We like the way he is able to the ball down the field. His throwing mechanics to his footwork are all pretty good. He does have a tendency to throw the ball off his back foot which will need to be worked on.

15-Shabazz Telfort-Boyd Anderson-6’4-210: Telfort is a kid you turn on the film and he looks really good. When you get him in a camp setting where he can utilize his skill set, Telfort is not as effective. He has the tools that you want in a quarterback now they just need to be refined.


Best of the rest…..

  • Griffin Alstott-Northside Christian-6’2-190-(Committed to Purdue): We first saw Alstott as a freshman at FIU Summer Camp. He comes from a football background as his father Mike played not only in college but the NFL. Griffin has really improved each year we have watched him in person.
  • Marcello Rodriguez-Columbus-6’2-185: One thing Rodriguez has done this spring is give himself the best chance of showcasing his talent to college coaches. He just received his first offer from University of Southern Miss. He has a very good arm. There are not many throws that Marcello can’t make. Being at Columbus this year should allow him to showcase that arm and impress more college recruiters.
  • Alex Picciridi-Jupiter-6’4-215: Alex is a prospect that we will keep an eye on. He is going to be asked to lead his team this year and it will be interesting to see how he responds. He is a big kid with the physical tools you would like to see in your quarterback. His senior year will determine how much interest he will draw from college coaches.
  • James Batch-Merritt Island-6’0-160: Batch comes from a family that has produced some talent in the past. He is a smart kid who will most likely end up at an academic program at the next level. He can throw the ball with accuracy. While he does not have the strongest arm on the list, Batch will try and push the ball down the field. If he gets time to throw, Batch will make something happen.
  • Nick Holm-Deerfield Beach-6’4-190: Holm transferred this spring to Deerfield Beach High School. With all of the talent that surrounds him, we expect Holm to have a big senior season. He could end up like another Broward County Quarterback Ryan Williams who played great in the playoffs and earned himself some D1 offers. Holm is a smart kid (4.0) and understands that all he has to do is get the ball in his play maker’s hands and let them do the rest.


  • Z’Khari Blocker-Pensacola Catholic-6’1-180:
  • Kaylan Wiggins-Seminole-6’2-180:
  • Holden Hotchkiss-Lakeland-6’4-190:
  • Devokin Cann-Dixie Hollins-6’3-200:
  • Tristan Hillerich-Cardinal Mooney-6’3-180:
  • Thomas Martin-Niceville-6’4-210:
  • James Campbell-Palatka-6’2-170:
  • Spencer Mollnow-Fleming Island: 6.2.5-178;
  • Ryan Miller-Trinity Catholic: 6’3-215

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