Inside the Huddle: Offensive Tackles

Inside the Huddle: Offensive Tackles

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Over the years we have seen some very talented offensive tackles play football in the state of Florida. For a state that is usually known for skill position players most overlook the talent at tackle. This year Florida may have the number one offensive tackle in the nation: Evan Neal. It is not often you see a kid so massive and move as well as Neal moves. He is a prospect that will most likely start right away in college. There are some other talented tackles this year but none of them match the physical talents of Neal. It will be interesting to see in a couple of years who steps up on this list and becomes an elite player. We broke down the tackle position and most of these guys will get a chance to move up their senior seasons.

1.Evan Neal –IMG Academy-6’8-3560: Neal physically whipped everyone he went against at the Nike Camp. We have been covering high school football for over 15 years and he dominated like no other offensive tackle had done before. He is a big, athletic tackle who moves extremely well.

2.Will Putnam-Tampa Plant-6’4-290: Putman is a versatile lineman who can play inside or out in college. We like his athletic ability. He can move well laterally. He also comes off the ball well and will finish plays. Putnam is one of the lineman on this list which is versatile enough to play tackle, guard or center in college.

3.Michael Tarquin-Belleview-6’5-290: (Committed to University of Miami): Michael is big and athletic. He is probably better suited to playing right tackle or guard. He has a bit of a mean streak and comes after you hard on almost every play. He is a kid who will take well to coaching. We feel that his best days are ahead of him.

4.Renato Brown-Palm Beach Central-6’5-310:The reason we like Brown is that he is a good athlete for someone his size. He can play offensive tackle, guard, center or even defensive tackle in college. His versatility makes him one of the premier lineman in Florida this year.

5.Wadrick Wilson-Doral Academy: 6’5-300: (Committed to Florida):Wilson has made his name going to football camps. He is a big, athletic lineman. He is another kid who has a bit of a mean streak in him. He can pass block but it is as a run blocker we need to see more. He has the ability to be a star player in college, now it is up to him how far his stock rises. (Reported offers: Committed to UF)

6.Justin Osborne-IMG Academy-6’4-275: (Committed to Auburn):IMG is one of the few teams who has a two deep on the offensive line that will end up at P5 programs in college. He does not have the size or athletic ability as some of the other guys on the roster but Osborne is a very good athlete. You watch him get out in space and Justin can get onto the defensive backs. He is also very violent with his hands.

7.Mark Fox-Miami Northwestern-6’4-270:(Committed to South Carolina): Fox is a kid who has been on the radar for about three years now. He is raw but the athletic ability is obvious every time you watch him in person. He needs to get better with his technique and overall strength.

8.Darius Washington-West Florida Tech-6’4-290: (Committed to Mississippi State): Washington is one of two very talented offensive lineman in the Panhandle this season. He is a kid who has been overlooked because of the part of Florida he is in. He is a bigger kid who has good hand punch. He lacks great athletic ability so we project him more as a right tackle or guard.

9.Chris Akporoghene-IMG Academy-6’5-275: There is no question that IMG will have the number one offensive line in the nation. Akporoghene gives them another big, long, athletic lineman at tackle. You would like to see him be a little more nimble in his lower body but with some college coaching he will end up a very good player.

10.Howard Allen Jr-Baldwin-6’5-270: Allen is a two way standout. He can play on the offensive or defensive lines in college. He is a big, athletic kid who moves well. He has the ability to be an All-Conference type lineman at the next level. Can he pull it all together off the field is the biggest question.

11.Ethan White-Superior Collegiate Academy-6’5-315:(Committed to Florida): White is a kid that has a major size advantage against the players he goes against. When you have that advantage you must dominate and that is what White does. He has tremendous upside and could end up one of the premier lineman in this class.

12.Michael Cartwright-Champagnat Catholic-6’5-290: Cartwright is a prospect that you will recruit and red-shirt. He has the physical attributes but is very raw. His technique will need to be changed before he can step on a college campus. He gets by with being bigger than everyone else.

13.Cameron Vaughn-Haines City-6’6-300: (Committed to Central Michigan): Vaughn is a big kid. He has the size and length to play tackle. The question is does he have the lateral quickness to play LT in college. If not he can always move to right tackle or in side to guard.

14.Jake Pope-Saint Thomas Aquinas-6’7-270(Committed to Kentucky): Jake is one of the most improved players on this list we saw this spring. He has really improved his technique which in return helped his overall game. He still needs to add strength to play at the next level.

15.Zachary Teter-Lake Gibson-6’5-290:(Committed to Virginia): Teter is a smart kid who understands the game of football. What he may lack athletically, Teter will make up for with his technique. He bends well enough to play on the interior of the offensive line. We could also see him playing right tackle, guard or center in college.

16.Robert Boyd-Deerfield Beach-6’6-300: Boyd comes over from Dillard High School. He played tackle but will most likely move inside to guard. He is a big kid who does not do well against someone who has an edge in speed and quickness. He can block on a run play. His lateral quickness needs to improve. His technique is also going to need improvement as well.

17.Raymond Collins-Largo-6’4-280: Another undersized guy who could end up at tackle or guard. He plays tackle in high school but may project better at guard. His strength is run blocking. He can bend down and play with good leverage. He needs to learn to stay on his feet more. He is a little stiff in his lower body.

18.Joshua Johnson-Miami Southridge-6’4-310: Joshua plays on what may be one of the biggest offensive lines in Dade County. He has good size. He also moves well. We would just like to see him be a little quicker off the ball. He also needs to play with a little more urgency.

19.Sincere McCall-Forest Hill-6’5-300: McCall will try and come off the ball quickly and get into the defensive lineman or linebackers chest. He needs to learn to extend his arms and play with better balance. He does have good power and strength in his lower body. Once he engages his guy, you will see him push him backwards.

20.Yontez Jarrell-Ed White-6’6-265:One thing this kid has is some serious length. He has long arms. Once he gets his hands on the opposition, Jarrell locks his guy up. He needs to work on his strength but that should not be an issue.

21.Shamar Hobdy-Lee-Tampa Jefferson-6’5-290:Hobdy is a big kid. He plays tackle but we expect him to play guard in college. He is knocked knee a little bit so some school may be scared away from recruiting him. He does do a good job of finishing off blocks. He will have more success as a run blocker then a pass protector.

22.Mikece Watson-Superior Collegiate Academy: Watson plays tackle. He does have some power in his hands. You would like to see him bend a little better. He is a little stiff and guys with some speed and quickness off the edge could give him some issues. While raw there is plenty of talent to work with.

23.Elijah Williams-First Academy-6’3-290: Williams is an underrated lineman. This kid physically whips the guys he goes against. He will drive off the ball and will not stop till the whistle is blown. He will be a prospect that we expect to draw more offers in the fall.

24.Vashon Bailey-Somerset Academy-6’7-280:While raw, Bailey has some athletic ability. He is a legit 6’6 and can move. He is a former basketball player who has since moved over to football. Here is a prospect that once in a college weight program could develop into a very productive starter. He is at least two years away once on campus to producing.

25.Marcus Finger-Fort Myers-6’5-300:(Committed to UCF) One thing about prospects from Fort Myers HS they are very well coached. He is a tough kid that comes off the ball with a purpose. He is quick off the ball and will get on his guy and punish them. He is a very good run blocker.

•Silas Little-Orange Park-6’4-290: Little carries a 3.44 GPA, 990 SAT and a 19 ACT. Not only does he get it done on the field but off it as well. Little can be used as a pulling guard. He also tries to punish the guy in front of him.

•Jordan Wiggins-Godby-6’4-270: Jordan is a kid that is a pretty good athlete. You watch him and the kid can actually bend. He is much more athletic than you would have expected. He has good lateral quickness.

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