How Does Recruiting Process Work

We receive a ton of inquiries from athletes asking if they should be doing more to increase their visibility to college coaches and recruiters.  Before we can answer that you must thoroughly the process.  One of the first recruiting tips you should begin to understand is how a typical college football recruiting staff operates, and how they tend to have a limited amount of time with their year-round responsibilities. It is impossible for them to recruit everyone. In general on a typical college coaching staff at the D-1A level, there are nine position coaches, the head coach, four graduate assistants and analysts. These numbers usually decrease as you progress further down the division chain in terms of full-time on staff personnel.


Each one of the coaches (using nine as the number) that can recruit for the university off-campus has a main recruiting area and a secondary recruiting area. They may also have an additional third area where they have previous contacts that they can utilize. Athletes could be in one of those areas or regions and still have be overlooked due to the sheer number of players nationally (1.25 million HS football players in the US).  There are some schools that have a limited recruiting budget and cannot scour the country. That’s where Elite Scouting assist the universities and can help you; to prevent you from being overlooked in an area as well as to prevent you from not being seen outside that area.  Elite Scouting Services is a NCAA Certified Scouting Service and not a recruiting service for individual athletes.  Our objective is to seek out and evaluate the top high school and junior college athletes in the country and make the information available to our clients.

The area or regional coach can generally offer a prospect but CANNOT let that prospect commit until that prospect goes through the protocol of that particular football staffs pr. Usually the position coach, coordinator and head coach must all approve such a move, so it can take some time. This is why you always ask the #1 question when a coach offers you: Is this a commitable offer? Understanding how the recruiting process works, how the staff operates and how to properly get yourself seen by them is key to getting the scholarships and offers you’re striving for.